Changes required for any Salesforce integration in IBM BPM

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Re: SF Certificates change from Symantec to Digicert 


Salesforce announced that they will be changing their root signer certificate in the next couple of weeks.  If you have any Salesforce integration in BPM, the new signer cert will need to be added to the Trust store of your BPM server. The following is how you can accomplish this. 


For on premise BPM: 

1.  Navigate to the Signer certificates section of the websphere console. 

2. Click on the “Retrieve from port” button. 

3.  Salesforce provided a webpage that uses the new certificate that we want to add to the Trust Store. 

4.  The following is the info used to retrieve the new signer cert.  The host is 


For BPM on Cloud: 

  1. Request via a ticket to IBM cloud support for the root signer certificate to be added to the trust store from the host: 
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