BPM: Decision Tables in 8.6.0

BPM: Decision Tables in 8.6.0

Published By : Neil Kolban March 26, 2018

For several releases, IBM BPM has had Decision Tables.  This is a subset of the function available in IBM’s Operational Decision Manager (ODM).  Using Decision Tables, a process author can create a decision within BPM using a table format.  If one wasn’t using Decision Tables, one would likely create the same rules in JavaScript.

For example, here is a decision in JavaScript for calculating a discount based on an order amount:

if (tw.local.orderAmount < 100) {

   tw.local.discount = 0;

} else if (tw.local.orderAmount < 200) {

   tw.local.discount = 0.05;

} else if (tw.local.orderAmount < 500) {

   tw.local.discount = 0.10;

} else {

 tw.local.discount = 0.15;


and here is the same story but this time presented as a Decision Table:


To my eyes, this has better readability.

Up until the BPM 8.6.0 2018.03 service pack, the Decision Table support has only been available in the Eclipse based Process Designer which has now been deprecated.  From the 2018.03 service pack for 8.6.0, a browser-based implementation of the Decision Table is present.  The video linked from here illustrates the use of this new capability. (READ: BPM 8.6.0 – Next Task)