Coming Soon to a Process Near You…

Coming Soon to a Process Near You…

Published By : Brian French February 19, 2017


On February 27th, we will announce SPARK Ignition, our latest addition to the SPARK suite of IBM BPM toolkits, and our latest contribution to making IBM BPM better. Ignition will change the way you move from IBM Blueworks Live (“BWL”) to IBM BPM and the way you do simple processes in IBM BPM. It will change the way business users can guarantee the process they documented is the process they execute. SPARK Ignition will put the “Business” back in Business Process Management for IBM BPM.

By empowering the business to “lead for longer,” Ignition customers can greatly reduce the time and cost required to go to production. We’ll enable analysts to go straight from BWL into IBM BPM and have an executing process in less than ten minutes. In the drawing below, what we are suggesting is Ignition allows the area underlined in blue to be Business owned instead of being owned and driven by BPM Developers. While of course there will be highly complex processes which still require BPM Developer help, Ignition can greatly reduce this need.

Process applications built using Ignition will become the foundation of your process life-cycle, and will be easily extendable to handle much more complex scenarios using standard IBM BPM functionality. While business users build solutions to handle simple process scenarios, development teams can easily extend these process applications to add integrations, rules, and custom User Interfaces.

The SPARK revolution continues. We will not rest until the “Business” part of Business Process Management has taken its rightful place on the throne. At Salient Process, our purpose is to enable organizations to focus on higher level thinking. SPARK Ignition continues our history of introducing products to the market which enable higher level thinking and allow users to focus on value adding work. Stay tuned… (READ: THE JOURNEY TO NO-CODE BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT)