IBM BPM SPARK Has Gone Global

IBM BPM SPARK Has Gone Global

Published By : Brian French February 9, 2017

It has been an incredibly successful twelve-month period for Salient Process, and for our IBM BPM SPARK suite of toolkits in particular. Over the past year, we have gone from under one hundred downloads of IBM BPM SPARK to thousands of downloads. As can be seen from the map, our customer base has become global, which of course has created some interesting challenges for a small company with headquarters in Sacramento, CA; but we’ve been up to the challenge.

Some of the things I find interesting about this map:

Our strongest core of adoption has been in Europe. If we add up all the customers in the European nations making up the European Union, they would surpass the number of United States customers. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me since there are more companies and people (200M more) in the European Union than in the States. However, with us being a US based company and of course me having my USA blinders on, I would have thought our biggest customer base would be here at home. Not the case. It also very interesting to see the names of the European companies come through our system. Some of them I have never heard but apparently they are titans in Europe.

I’m somewhat disappointed in the adoption in Russia and China. Being such large countries with so many people I would have expected to see more traction with SPARK there. On the other hand, I don’t think IBM BPM is that big in either country, so this is probably to be expected. However, it is good to see at least a few customers there. It is great to know even economies which are more centrally managed see the value in process efficiency and SPARK.

Japan and Brazil have been our fastest growing SPARK customer nations lately. Japan has had some of their largest corporations, household name types, adopt IBM BPM and SPARK. This makes complete sense to me with Japan’s industries over the last fifty years having been some of the most respected for their process efficiency and effectiveness. The combination of IBM BPM and SPARK is making them even better at process. (READ: Why IBM Chose Salient Process and SPARK)

There is a small island nation off the south-east coast of Africa and Madagascar called Mauritius. When I first looked at the map I couldn’t even see the island due to the green circle indicating there is at least one SPARK customer there. I thought maybe the data or map was inaccurate. But, as I looked closer, I realized there was a land mass there, but the green dot indicating SPARK usage was hiding the island. Land ho! Apparently even miniature island nations appreciate the incredible increase in productivity SPARK offers. Who knew?

Lastly, none of the rapidly increasing adoption of SPARK worldwide would be possible without the help of IBM, our reseller partners, and of course the great team members at Salient Process. The fact IBM chose SPARK as the only toolkit they endorse, support, and resell for IBM BPM has of course made a huge difference in adoption. We are already seeing SPARK adopted in over 80% of new IBM BPM software purchases. As IBM fully integrates SPARK into the IBM BPM product (should be fully integrated and available in the IBM BPM product around June of 2017) it will become the UI for IBM BPM and people won’t need anything outside of IBM BPM for building their UIs. Our goal was always about making the IBM BPM product much easier to use. This goal will soon be accomplished as SPARK will be embedded in the IBM BPM product in late Q2 of 2017. I will bet if I look at this map a year from now it will look “quaint” compared to the global adoption which will have occurred by then.