Now is the time to “Ignite your Process”

Now is the time to “Ignite your Process”

Published By : Matthew Oatts April 9, 2017

SparkIgnitionLogoLarge-300x101As the Salient team was finalizing the release of SPARK Ignition last month, we expected it would catch fire (pun intended). We had already been using a “beta” version of SPARK Ignition during 2016. This helped us quadruple the amount of IBM BPM process applications we had in production for our internal use (that’s right, Salient Process is an IBM BPM customer just like you). Our flagship customer, Doosan Bobcat, was already slated to present at InterConnect the gains they achieved using this product. But something was missing… we needed a “catch phrase” for the feature where we automatically generate IBM BPM process applications from Blueworks Live documentation!

The perfect phrase came during a preview event we were conducting with IBMers. We told the audience our dilemma, asked for suggestions, and promised we’d buy the person with the best suggestion a drink when we got together at InterConnect. Our friend Claudio “Tag” Tagliabue from IBM UK came up with the suggestion that stuck: “Ignite your process.” We’ve been using that phrase ever since, but unfortunately we never bought Tag his drink in Vegas. Sorry mate!

Since the “Ignite your Process” feature received its name, we’ve had some pretty impressive interest in just over 4 weeks:

  • We conducted 30 live demos during InterConnect to customers, business partners, and IBMers!
  • We filled our quota for the Early Adopter program, where customers are getting 1-year of SPARK Ignition for free!
  • We’ve had 10 customers take advantage of our B.Y.O.P. offer for SPARK Ignition where we will automatically generate an IBM BPM process application using one of your Blueworks Live processes.
  • We are working on a public facing feature request page so customers (and soon-to-be-customers) can help us continue to craft a product that makes the BWL-to-BPM journey even easier.

If you haven’t watched our videos or requested a demo of SPARK Ignition, now is the time! It’s currently the only way to get a Community Edition FREE for your company and it’s guaranteed to improve how quickly you go to production in IBM BPM!


Email us at [email protected] if you’d like more information! (READ: THE JOURNEY TO NO CODE BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT)