Quick Process Builder – Blueworks Live Integration

Quick Process Builder – Blueworks Live Integration

Published By : Stephen Perez December 4, 2018

According to IBM’s introduction, “Blueworks Live is a business process modeling tool … [that’s] easy to use, allowing you to learn and perform business process modeling in minutes.” On the other hand, IBM BPM is a comprehensive Business Process Management Platform that requires an in-depth level of technical knowledge to design and develop rather simple processes with minimal user interfaces. Even a seasoned developer may take an entire business day or two recreating simple processes in BPM from Blueworks Live definitions.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to almost instantaneously publish working processes directly from Blueworks Live without requiring any technical experience? That way you could quickly mock up processes with runnable activities and test the flow of logic with accurate user inputs. Well now you can, with Quick Process Builder’s capability to Integrate with Blueworks Live and import business process definitions, Business Users and Analysts can go from modeling processes to testing real process flows in minutes.

Installing Blueworks Live Integration with Salient Process’s Quick Process Builder is simple:

  1. Import the Quick Process Builder Management app
  2. Import the Blueworks Live Integration Management app
  3. Import a Signer Certificate into the Default Trust Store in WebSphere administration
  4. Use the provided Manage Blueworks Live UI to set up a database schema with one click and save your Blueworks Live credentials.

From here, all users that have access to author apps in Quick Process Builder will be able to access their Blueworks Live Spaces by saving their own credentials and selecting the Open From BWL option.

Support is provided for the most commonly-used process constructs. Processes starting with one Start event and containing Normal Tasks, User Tasks, Service Tasks, End Events, Exclusive Gateways, Inclusive Gateways and Parallel Gateways can be imported. The Quick Process Builder Wizard can even create fields from Inputs and Outputs defined in Blueworks Live activities. Quick Process Builder allows the author to quickly customize the look and feel of Activity screens by changing options such as Theming, resizing fields in mass and setting field visibility for each activity.

Whether starting processes from scratch, Importing from Blueworks Live to continue developing or creating mocking ups, taking your business process from just ideas to visualizing running apps really helps to save time and jump start development using Quick Process Builder.