Quick Process Builder – Service Integration

Quick Process Builder – Service Integration

Published By : Neil Kolban May 3, 2018

When using Quick Process Builder, we can rapidly construct new processes with the minimum of technical knowledge.  However, there will be the occasional times when we must include some form of technical integration.  Examples of this could include:

  • Value calculation (loan premiums, sales tax, …)
  • External data interactions (credit score retrieval, email transmission, system of record access, …)

If we were not using Quick Process Builder, the solution to this puzzle would be the construction of a BPM service flow.  By their nature, Service Flows are technical tasks best performed by technical staff.  With Quick Process Builder, our goal is to shield the business process developer from those lower level chores.  To achieve that, we continue to allow a skilled BPM practitioner to create BPM service flows but now we choose the ones that we wish to expose to Quick Process Builder and provide meta data that flags those services as being available within Quick Process Builder and augments their technical nature with additional business friendly information.

The high level story is that a BPM technical user constructs their BPM service flow exactly as they would using IBM BPM Process Designer.  Once completed, a simple meta data description is provided of that service.  This serves two purposes.  First, it identifies the service to Quick Process Builder as one of the subset of services we choose to expose to the business user.  Secondly, it adds information that makes the consumption of that service much easier including characteristics of how the input and output parameters of the service should be mapped to the high level logical fields. (READ: THE DIFFERENT CODING LEVELS OF PROCESS AUTOMATION IN IBM BPM (NO-CODE, LOW-CODE, PROGRAMMING)