Salient Surpasses the Capabilities of IBM BPM and Blockchain Technology through Quantum RPA-powered SPARK EWOK

Salient Surpasses the Capabilities of IBM BPM and Blockchain Technology through Quantum RPA-powered SPARK EWOK

Published By : Princess Angiemore Guzman April 1, 2018

spark-ewok-300x101Salient Process makes business automation and management effortless with the SPARK Enterprise Workflow Origination Kit (SPARK EWOK). Salient Process combines Cognitive Artificial Intelligence with IBM BPM and Blockchain technology to trigger an army of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots that automatically automate your business workflows the minute you think of it. All transactions and applications are automatically recorded and consolidated in a quantum blockchain, which is dockerized for your convenience!

By utilizing AI and RPA’s capabilities through methods that were never dared before, Salient Process tests the limits of BPM and Blockchain technology. The SPARK EWOK reads all transactions and workflows conducted by your business through IBM BPM. It simultaneously applies cognitive computations to produce every possible present and future workflow processes that your business may need. It knows your business better than you do!

“In terms of connecting API’s, EWOK is a small package with a big impact. I would give it a tone analysis of joy equal to 100,” IBM Watson said when asked about the impact of the SPARK Enterprise Workflow Origination Kit.

The creation and development of SPARK EWOK solidifies Salient Process’ passion to make business processes not just easier, but effortless (READ: How Our North Star Methodology Enables Successful Digital Transformation). Business owners can expect the army of RPA bots to run their business processes for them and to troubleshoot issues even before they arise. This breakthrough, however, still enables business leadership to possess hands-on supervision regarding their business, but with the minimum effort required.

Moreover, the introduction of this new technology to existing business processes is straightforward, particularly if the system has already been integrated with other SPARK toolkits. The development of SPARK EWOK surpasses the capabilities of IBM BPM and Blockchain Technology through cognitive AI and RPA integration.

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