Visualize your processes!


Review Opportunities for Automation

Automatically discover possible areas for workflow, tasks, decisions, content, and capture based on patterns, keywords, systems, and other aspects.

Simulation Results and Heatmaps

Overlay measurements on the process diagram, as well as view the outcome of simulations with cost and time breakdowns for various activities.

Versions Comparisons & Simulation Creation

Automatically create new scenarios and run them against alternate paths, as well as display versions and snapshots side-by-side for comparisons and analysis.

Your processes show you the areas in need of Automation, but you haven’t been able to visualize them until now! With Salient’s DBA Sim, users can review opportunities in need for IBM Automation, as well as  quickly identify bottlenecks, loops, and areas for improvement. Additionally, DBA Sim is seamlessly integrated to enable users to import from multiple sources, such as Blueworks Live, BPM/BAW, BPMN, TWX, and Visio.