Using Comprehensive Insight to Maximize Your Business Operations

How organizations can extend and improve their Digital Process Automation capabilities by Leveraging Decision Server Insights (DSI) within IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM).


Authored by Salient’s Lead DSI Consultant, Andy Kilhoffer.


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Deliver Modern UI for IBM BPM with the Coach Framework and Other Approaches

This IBM Redbooks® publication focuses on the capabilities the Coach Framework delivers with IBM BPM version 8.5.7, but much of what is shared in these pages continues to be of value as IBM evolves coaches in the future. This book has been produced to help you fully benefit from the power of the Coach Framework. How to use the SPARK UI Toolkit is a big part of this Redbook.


Chapter 4 Authored by Salient’s Chief Innovator, Eric Ducos, with additional contributions to Chapters 5 and 6.


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Deliver Modern UI for IBM BPM with the Coach Framework: Chapter 4: SPARK UI Toolkit - UNABRIDGED

This unabridged chapter on the SPARK UI Toolkit offers approximately forty more pages than the edited version for the full IBM® Redbooks® publication (to be published soon). It is intended for people who use IBM BPM on a daily basis to develop User Interfaces. It is a deep dive into how to fully leverage the SPARK UI Toolkit.


Authored by Salient’s Chief Innovator, Eric Ducos.


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Scaling BPM Adoption: From Project to Program with IBM Business Process Manager

This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the methodology and best practices that lead to a successful project and how to use that success to scale to enterprise-wide BPM adoption. This updated edition contains a new chapter on planning a BPM project.


Half of Chapter 7 written by our CEO, Brian French.


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Empowering your Ad Hoc Business with IBM Business Process Manager

This IBM Redpaper™ publication presents examples and a case study that illustrate how having a choice of where on the ad hoc spectrum you operate your business is both necessary and vital to producing better outcomes and achieving agility.


Co-authored by Salient’s VP of Client Services, Jared Michalec.


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Websphere Business Integration Primer: Process Server, BPEL, SCA, and SOA

Introductory Guide to WebSphere Business Integration from IBM Using WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) technology, you can build an enterprise-wide Business Integration (BI) infrastructure that makes it easier to connect any business resources and functions, so you can adapt more quickly to the demands of customers and partners.


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Configuring IBM Business Process Manager Advanced Edition V8.5, Part 3: Setting up a three-cluster topology

This article is the third in the series of installation and configuration guides for IBM Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) V8.5 Advanced Edition. In this article, you will set up the recommended three-cluster (also referred to as the Golden topology) Process Server topology.


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Performance Tuning and Best Practices

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides performance tuning tips and best practices for IBM Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) V8.5.5 (all editions) and IBM Business Monitor V8.5.5.


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IBM Business Process Manager Version 8.0 Production Topologies

This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes how to build production topologies for IBM Business Process Manager V8.0.


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Business Process Management Deployment Guide Using IBM Business Process Manager V8.5

This IBM Redbooks® publication provides an introduction to designing and building IBM Business Process Manager V8.5 environments. The target audience for this book includes IT architects, IT specialists, and consultants who are seeking to understand and implement IBM BPM environments.


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Making Better Decisions Using IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management

In this IBM® Redpapers™ publication, we describe the recommended best practices and integration concepts that use the business events, business rules, and other capabilities of IBM WebSphere® Operational Decision Management V7.5 (WebSphere ODM) to provide better decision making in those solutions and business processes.


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