World Class Digital Process Automation Accelerators for IBM Digital Business Automation

We build world class accelerators (software) for IBM DPA. Whether it be UI, Methodology, Extending the reach of IBM BPM, or Igniting your processes, Salient has an accelerator to help you achieve Digital Transformation faster.

Achieve ROI Faster

All of our accelerators are built to help you do things quicker and better, which of course allows you to reach positive ROI faster.

Easy to Use

We are all about enablement, thus while our solutions are incredibly powerful, they are also built to be easily used and understood.

Partner with IBM

Many of our accelerators, such as UI, Ignition, and External Participant, are built in partnership with IBM.

Automate IBM BPM processes with zero technical knowledge.

Give yourself the gift of creating processes with no-code.


Salient’s Salesforce toolkit for IBM BPM allows you to seamlessly integrate Salesforce with other processes across your organization.

It is the marriage of IBM BPM and Salesforce.


Extend the efficiency and reach of your processes beyond the limitations of your named BPM users and your firewall. The External Participant tooolkit makes it as easy as sending an email or text.

Free your processes to interact with everyone.


SPARK UI is the only UI toolkit chosen by IBM as the IBM BPM UI toolkit. In fact, it is included Starting with IBM BPM 8.5.7 CF 2017.06, the Enterprise version of SPARK UI is included for free. For versions previous to CF 2017.06, you will need to purchase a support contract in order to get access to SPARK UI Enterprise.  the IBM BPM product now.

Build your IBM BPM UIs faster than ever.


Our DPA Methodology allows you to put the right people in the right place at the right time. Without a methodology, you are operating in the “Hero” model, which is not repeatable, documented, or scalable.

Excellence requires repeatable actions.

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