Digital Process Automation Methodology

Over time, through our experience with implementing projects using Lean and Agile approaches, as well as leveraging IBM’s Project to Program Redbook, and other resources, we have documented in IBM BlueWorks Live a full Digital Process Automation (DPA) Lifecycle Methodology. This includes everything from conducting an initial two to three day workshop with the process owners to determine fit and scope for DPA, to capturing Performance Indicators, to which processes in your process inventory are right for DPA, to the very details of what happens in every iteration of building a DPA Solution.

Right Task

Know exactly what’s supposed to be done

Right Time

…when it’s supposed to done

Right Person

…and who is supposed to do it

Our methodology covers every angle of considering and implementing a Digital Process Automation project. This picture is a portion of the project execution process for a DPA implementation. The process walks you through what and when each task needs to be done.

Easily Understood

Because it is fully documented, it is understandable.


Because it is easily understood, it is repeatable.

Highly Scalable

Because it is repeatable, it is highly scalable.

There is great substance behind the methodology process diagrams. As much as possible, we have put the cumulative experience of over 600 projects, as well as our extensive research, into the details behind each activity in our methodology. The example seen here is from our proprietary North Star approach, which sets the foundation for measuring your process, and knowing when you have accomplished what you set out to accomplish.

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