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Quick Process Builder pricing is volume based. The more process licenses you invest in, the lower your price per process. Quarterly and Yearly plans offer additional savings vs. the Monthly plan. The minimum volume of processes required for purchase is three. Download the SPARK QPB Community Edition today and have new processes up and running within a hour.

Choose The Number of Processes You Want To See Pricing For:
3 - 9 Processes 10 - 19 Processes 20 - Unlimited



Per Process Per Month

Save 35% vs 3-9 Volume



Per Process Per Month

$544 Per Process Billed Quarterly

Save 7% vs Monthly

Save 35% vs 3-9 Volume



Per Process Per Month

$1942 Per Process Billed Annually

Save 17% vs Monthly

Save 35% vs 3-9 Volume

Questions? We’ve got answers.

What is a "Minimum Process Investment"?

Minimum process investment is the minimum amount of processes you pay for in that plan. If you are below that number of processes, you will need either change to the lower level subscription, or keep paying for the minimum number of processes

How many processes can be created per process app?

For QPB, there can only be one process created per process-app. This is a limitation of QPB.

How many licenses are used per process app?

License count for processes is any process app deployed to a Process Server. There is one license used per process app. The process app can be deployed to multiple Process Servers, it still only counts as one license.

What can I do with a community edition?

The Community Edition of Quick Process Builder allows users to download and install the full version of QPB.  Business Users and Analysts will be able to evaluate the components of QPB such as selecting a Theme, adding Fields, adding Activities, importing from Blueworks Live, and publishing Apps to a Process Center environment.  QPB utilizes a Subscription Key system to provision the number of QPB Apps that can be installed to Process Server environments and the duration they are allowed to run.  Even without a Subscription Key, evaluators will still be able to publish an unlimited number of QPB Apps to the Development environment, and run them from the Process Portal associated with Process Center.

What if I want a full trial version, instead of downloading the community edition?

To inquire about a free trial, please contact our sales department.

What support is provided?

Support for the community edition is provided via our Forum. For paying subscribers, you will have access to submit tickets to our support team.


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