Process Modeling Services

We help you model your processes so you can target the most productive areas for automation. This frees your organization to focus on being great.

Process Modeling Services

Are you looking for process collaboration, visibility and risk control? Salient’s Process Modeling Services leverage the combination of IBM Blueworks Live (BWL) and Blueworks Insights to give you all that and more. Salient’s Process Modeling Services can help with your overall approach to modeling, and train your end users in the best ways to use BWL.

How Can Process Modeling Help With Automation?

The Automation Alignment Matrix and Process Modeling go hand in hand. The best way to find and document automation opportunities is to model your processes. When going through the collaborative effort of modeling, all sorts of automation opportunities are exposed. Combine modeling with Blueworks Insights in order to model your bots, and you are on your way to greatness. 

Automation Alignment Matrix

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Salient’s unique and proven methodologies for transforming and automating your business can be applied at the process modeling level, or at a more holistic enterprise Digital Business Automation level. Either way, our methodologies and approaches will help you reach your goals faster, and with greater ROI, than without us helping you.