Digital Business Automation

On-Demand Expert Services

Salient’s On-Demand Expert Services are designed with the flexibility you need to stabilize, enable, and grow your new and ongoing Digital Business Automation initiatives. Choose from a variety of flexible packages which allow you to choose the hours and payment plan you desire. Choose from Advisory or Managed services, or mix and match the two across your DBA ecosystem. It’s all up to you.


Whether it be learning about the fundamentals of SPARK UI (IBM’s next gen BPM UI), how to do a IBM BPM or ODM implementation, or governance for Blueworks Live, Salient can give you the knowledge you need. We have trained companies of all sizes in all of these areas.

Implementation Boot Camps

We believe in enabling our clients to the point they are self-sustaining. Our Boot Camp offerings help our clients achieve this through 6 to 12 week engagements where client resources build out one of their processes led by one of our senior resources. It is a team effort. These Boot Camps are also how we train our college graduate hires.

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