Digital Business Automation

On-Demand Expert Services

Salient’s On-Demand Expert Services are designed with the flexibility you need to stabilize, enable, and grow your new and ongoing Digital Business Automation initiatives. Choose from a variety of flexible packages which allow you to choose the hours and payment plan you desire. Choose from Advisory or Managed services, or mix and match the two across your DBA ecosystem. It’s all up to you.


Our expert implementation teams take you from start to finish with any of the IBM Digital Business Automation solutions. Salient built the next generation UI currently in use by IBM BPM, and our expert knowledge doesn’t stop there. Whether it be rules, processes, events, or cognitive operations, Salient can help your team successfully solve your Digital Business Automation needs.

UI Migration

Looking to migrate from legacy IBM BPM (8.5.x+), Brazos, or Apex coaches to the IBM approved and supported IBM BPM UI Toolkit (aka SPARK)? Why not leverage the people who know IBM BPM UI better than anyone in world? After all, we built it. Salient Process is the leading process app courier – getting your apps from Point A to Point B safely! With our proprietary tools, TWX Analyzer and TWX Migrator, we can expedite the migration process!

Health Checks

Having issues with your implementation? Wondering why you are seeing performance issues? Looking for guidance and best practices? Our experts can provide help and guidance on how to improve performance as well as avoid common mistakes.


Our team of expert advisors can help you determine the best approach to Digital Transformation for your organization. We’ll perform a Business Value Assessment to quantify just how much return on investment Digital Business Automation can create for your organization, as well as map out a high level plan of what it would take to implement.