SPARK is the Toolkit chosen by IBM as the next generation IBM BPM UI. No other UI Toolkit is endorsed or supported by IBM.

3X Faster – Guaranteed!

Simple, yet very powerful. SPARK UI offers a consistent, easy, and repeatable way to build coaches 3X faster than using IBM BPM standard coaches or any other Toolkit. We guarantee it or SPARK is free.


Fulfill the Promise of BPM

Because your IBM BPM authors can focus on business value instead of the complexities of building coaches, the output of your team’s work will be much more focused towards end user needs. SPARK allows authors to focus on satisfying your end users.

Guaranteed Painless Upgrades

We have built SPARK with a focus on making sure your upgrades from one IBM BPM version to another will not break the UIs you have built. Your team can rest easy your UIs will work from version to version. We guarantee it or we will fix it for free.

SPARK UI + IBM BPM Partnership

After evaluating all of the UI toolkits in their Business Partner ecosystem, IBM chose the SPARK Toolkits as the future UI for their BPM platform.

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IBM BPM Offering Manager Recommends Using SPARK

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ROI Calculator

Use our SPARK ROI Calculator to determine how fast SPARK will pay for itself

Because SPARK UI gives you a 3X productivity increase in building IBM BPM Coaches (UIs), ROI is achieved incredibly fast. Essentially, SPARK pays for itself by:

  • Getting IBM BPM projects to production faster with fewer people
  • Enabling less skilled resources to build your IBM BPM Coaches
  • Guaranteeing SPARK coaches will seamlessly upgrade

Try the SPARK ROI Calculator


SPARK Helps Fulfill the Promise of BPM

Get Your Project into Production Much Faster

Because SPARK UI gives you a 3X productivity increase in building IBM BPM Coaches, you will be able to get your project into production much faster. Your group will be the shining star of your company’s IT department.

See Positive ROI in a Matter of Weeks

With our guaranteed 3X productivity increase, your ROI is realized incredibly fast and then continues to build and build. Your business users will become spoiled with the incredible increase in productivity coming from the BPM team.

Give Your Business a Quantum Leap in User Experience

Because SPARK UI is a completely modern UI experience, end users experience the same look and feel they have come to expect from the internet. SPARK creates a Web 2.0, responsive, flexible, mobile ready, and beautiful user experience.

Enable Less Skilled Resources to Build Your UIs

With IBM BPM OOB, and non-SPARK Toolkits, your team needs to know up to six different technologies. With SPARK, most things are just configuration and intuitive business logic.