Blueworks Live (BWL) Migration

Blueworks Live (BWL) Migration

Published By : Rex Townsend February 2, 2016

Migrating Between BWL Accounts

When migrating between Blueworks Live accounts you have a couple of options. Blueworks Live allows you to export a Process in a variety of formats, some of which allow you to import into the destination account. This approach can be tedious depending on the size of your library and will force you to recreate the structure of your artifacts. In addition, you will lose much of the metadata that you enter above the Process level. Blueworks Live also supports copying a Space between two BWL accounts, and this is the approach that I recommend. However, there are two prerequisites you need to keep in mind when planning for a migration of this type.


Administrators have permission to copy a Space from one account to another. In addition, if an administrator has granted editors and/or contributors permission in the Admin panel, then these users will be able to copy between spaces as well, granted that they are editors or contributors in the Space that is being copied.

Furthermore, make sure you have access to all artifacts that are children of the Space you are attempting to copy between accounts and that any child artifacts are active or they will not be copied. BWL will warn you if some child artifacts are not being migrated. Examples of these artifacts may be other spaces, processes, decisions or policies. Archived artifacts will not be copied.

Custom Properties

If you would like to retain your Custom Properties values between the BWL account you’re migrating from and the destination account, you will first have to recreate these properties manually in the destination account.

Other Notes

If you are worried that moving Spaces to another account means that it will no longer exist in the original account, don’t be! The way the terms “Move” versus “Copy” are used fit perfectly with how we are accustomed to them working. Copy will leave the source Space intact where it is, and make an exact copy of it (barring any concerns noted in the previous section) in the destination account.

Secondly, there is a tip that can speed up migration. Spaces work like folders: a Space can have nothing but processes in it, or a Space can have additional Spaces inside of it. When you move a Space, sub-Spaces are also moved. So, the fewer spaces you have at the top-level the quicker migration will be.


Once you have addressed the concerns above, you’re ready to begin copying. Navigate to the space you would like to copy. On the top left, there will be a small down arrow just to the right of the Space name. Click the arrow, then click “Copy Space”. In this example, “Demand to Cash” is the name of our Space.

The “Copy a Space” pop-up menu will appear. Here you have the opportunity to rename the Space before it gets copied to the destination account. The default here will be “Copy of“ then your original Space name. Next, in the “Location” drop down, choose “Another Blueworks Live account” and enter the credentials for the destination account.

Once the Space has been successfully migrated, you’ll see another pop-up reconfirming that the Space you chose was migrated to the account that you pointed it to.