Give Your Employees Time Back with RPA

RPA will help automate the repeatable, manual and mundane tasks to free up time, reduce human error and increase ROI.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Certain tasks in your team’s day-to-day are mundane and repeatable. RPA automates those tasks so you can focus on higher-level/value work. Our platform completes repetitive, predictable tasks using bots (programmable desktop routines across multiple applications). Task automation will handle your repetitious tasks, freeing your employees to focus on value-adding tasks that drive your primary business goals.

how RPA Works

Benefits Your Business

RPA is one of the most common Digital Business Automation capabilities. Robotic automation transfers repetitive and error-prone tasks from humans to intelligent software that can be programmed to do the tasks. When deployed, RPA automates front and back-office tasks, which frees employees to focus on more value-adding activities and makes your business more efficient. These “robots” can be easily configured and trained to execute an unlimited number of automated activities on computers, online and legacy application systems.

Benefits of RPA 


RPA provides an intuitive user interface, allowing almost anyone to build a bot to perform simple automated tasks. The IBM RPA bot is incredibly flexible. It can work across multiple platforms and systems to collect scattered information using AI.

RPA can manage an enormous amount of data, so it takes relatively no time to do work that would take humans 2,000 hours per year to do!

RPA can be scaled easily to automate processes across different departments or functions, without significant additional investment in infrastructure or training.

We have seen RPA achieve a 100% ROI in just 3-months, allowing for further implementation of the bot. 

Implementing RPA software into your company’s current infrastructure is relatively seamless, as you will not need to change your internal technology. The RPA bot will blend with your existing processes to make them faster and more efficient. 

 By automating mundane tasks, IBM RPA frees up employees to focus on more value-added activities, leading to increased job satisfaction and morale.

Known and Trusted


It’s been a huge relief for me with all these data-hungry coworkers and operations that we have a [RPA] solution we can get you what you need and want


Caitlin Strittmatter Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

We have now saved $16 million/year since January 2018, and we started tracking our hours saved at the end of 2021, and we have saved 450 hrs/year using RPA

Stu Farber Vp of IT

Use Cases for Robotic Automation

Bot RPA is ideal for tasks that are highly repetitive and follow rules or schedules. Some industries that can take advantage of task automation software include:

Reporting, user information management, audit compliance and management and claims processing

Case Studies

Employee experience, FAQ resolution, procurement, onboarding, offboarding

Case Studies

Operational analytics, patient preauthorization and medical record management

Case Studies

Data movement & customer lookups across many systems, new customer onboarding

Case Studies

Move data in and our of ERP, reporting, PO & invoice processing, inventory reporting and management

Case Studies

Supply chain management, product safety tracking and life cycle management

Case Studies

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We have vast experience with RPA and can help you automate nearly any aspect of your business, whether you want to simplify a standalone process or many day-to-day tasks. We are passionate about helping your business achieve optimization and growth through automation solutions.


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