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Digital Business Automation is the process of rapidly identifying, evaluating and automating a business’s processes using various tools, technologies and platforms. This practice eliminates repetitive manual tasks and accelerates complex work. As a result, you can free up your employees to focus on more important objectives.

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Salient Process

Efficient business automation is within reach with software from Salient Process. We’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve significant process improvements and gain relief knowing their most involved tasks are taken care of with reliable automation.

Don’t take our word for it, here is what our clients are saying about us: “With their unique set of skills and methodology, Salient not only exceeded our expectations for the initial development and implementation, but also enabled our team to be self-sufficient and take ownership of our solution.” 

Our Business Automation Services

If you’re looking to optimize your processes and achieve more profitable outcomes, consider business automation software from Salient Process. Our Digital Business Automation solutions are designed to help companies align their process outcomes with their goals to save time and money. 

You can begin by investing in any of the following business automation solutions for your organization.

Our process mapping solutions offer a visual representation of all the users, steps, decisions, actions, and timelines that leads to completed work. It starts with selecting a process, outlining the current map, getting feedback and implement and evaluating changes. When complete, process mapping helps companies streamline their workflow.

Process mining is a technique that utilizes data mining and process analytics to analyze and understand the workflow of a business process. Our process mining solutions help measure current performance so companies can create an actionable improvement plan.

Our business process automation services help organizations optimize their existing processes and build more structured environments to facilitate tasks. We’ll provide you with a series of workflow automation tools and services to help you document and transmit your repetitive workflows to our business process management (BPM) software. As a result, you can expect higher-quality work, greater cost savings and increased employee satisfaction.

Robotic process automation (RPA) automates manual, repetitive and mundane tasks to reduce human error, improve return on investment (ROI) and free up workers to apply their efforts to higher-level objectives. RPA involves the use of bots, intelligent software that digitally completes tasks without human interference. RPA bots automatically undertake these processes with greater speed and accuracy than people.

Our operational decision manager (ODM) is a business rule management system that enables users to automate and standardize decision-making processes across various areas of their businesses. Our ODM is focused on guiding organizations to take the appropriate actions at the appropriate time in support of long running processes and real-time immediate transactions.

You can leverage our enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to digitally manage your business information throughout its life cycle. Our document automation software eliminates manual processes by automatically capturing, managing, storing, preserving and delivering crucial information, helping organizations streamline their business operations. 

Through our data capture tool, you can collect, recognize and classify internal and external documents more efficiently than ever. Capture automation uses AI, language processes and text analytics software to identify, categorize, extract and save information from your documents for faster retrieval and easier sharing.

Invest in Business Automation Solutions From Salient Process

You can experience the benefits of business automation with software and services from Salient Process. We provide digital business automation services to help our clients achieve operational excellence and peace of mind.

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