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About ODM


About ODM


Operational Decision Manager (ODM) is your all-in-one Decision Management platform. It combines machine learning and business rules for smart decision-making. Easily manage and automate business decisions across your organization, ensuring consistency, reducing risks, and boosting productivity. It’s the key to making sharp decisions that drive success.


How it works

Step into a world where your systems effortlessly handle customer returns, refunds, warranties, and more – all automatically, and all tailored to specific conditions. Join us in this demo as we unveil the incredible capabilities of ODM in three essential areas:

Key Features of Demo

  • Create and Edit Rules with Natural Language: No coding or technical experience required
  • Simulate “What-If” Scenarios: Assess the impact of rule changes before commitment 
  • Deploy and Integrate Rules: Integrate with other applications and deploy rule changes seamlessly 



What Our Clients Say

It [ODM] has ended up saving us a ton of labor in our power status area since much of the previous manual work is now automated via events correlation. 

One of the Largest Energy Companies in the U.S. IT Manager

We want the best Revenue Integrity system in the industry, Operational Decision Manager is instrumental in delivering that goal

Fortune 100 Airline Sr. Manager of Revenue Management Development

Salient Process was critical in implementing an ODM Advanced project in a very aggressive timeframe. With their unique set of skills and methodology, Salient not only exceeded our expectations for the initial development and implementation, but also enabled our team to be self-sufficient and take ownership of our solution

Fortune 500 Software Company Engineering Manager

Key Benefits

ODM allows organizations to enhance essential processes for more efficient operations. Some additional business benefits include:

ODM frees up time by handling simple tasks. This lets your team focus on critical decisions, boosting your business.

Easy tracking for audit documentation. Accessible audit trails show users the how and why behind software decisions, ensuring greater accuracy.

Automated decision-making sticks to set rules, ensuring consistent outcomes. Users can predict results with specific inputs, making the process clear and reliable.

Decisioning software saves time, making decisions in seconds. Automation allows quick adjustments to seize opportunities and boost business agility.

ODM software acts like smart employees, making decisions based on past events and foreseeing future trends. It goes beyond awareness, using data for informed behavior.

ODM Training Offer

Complete Rule Author Course

Self-Guided Learning

Our ODM Rule Authoring Course gives Rule Authors a deep dive into Decision Management, Business Rules, and Business Rules Management. Learn about ODM, its components, and focus on Decision Center Operation and Navigation—the main tool for Rule Authors. Explore how rules make decisions, navigate ODM tools, author rule artifacts, test rules, manage changes, and more.


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