TWX Analyzer & Migrator


Migrate Smarter not Harder

TWX Analyzer is an analysis tool used to assess process applications and their migration readiness. It provides asset counts and reports, as well as identifies underlying issues (unused artifacts, circular dependencies, etc). TWX Analyzer also formulates a migration strategy on an app by app basis.

TWX Migrator is a migration tool used to make quick changes across the entire process application. Not only does it automate rework, it also migrates from old to new artifact types. TWX Migrator also cleans up unused artifacts and dependencies.



IBM ended support of Business Process Manager (BPM) version 8.6.x in 2020. It is time to move your core business processes! Salient Process is the leading process application courier – getting your apps from point A to B safely! By taking a more disciplined approach than our competitors, we not only migrate but can improve your applications in the process. By leveraging our proprietary migration tools, we can be more effective at a fraction of the time and cost. Assess your apps and calculate your return on investment with our TWX Analyzer Tool.

Migrating to the IBM/BPM BAW Cloud

This whitepaper summarizes some important findings on recurring migration themes, activities, and areas of interest – framed within an effective migration sequence – from infrastructure/environment readiness to solution artifact migration. It also highlights experiences with very useful accelerating tools.