Process Mapping

Business process mapping

About Process Mapping

About Process Mapping

Process Mapping provides a visual representation of your business processes, making it easier for teams to understand, analyze, and improve workflows for increased efficiency and effectiveness. Mapping your processes is the first step to ensure the success of implementing automation into your business processes.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps


Gather information on your existing processes, including activities, sequences, and key stakeholders.


Analyze processes to create optimized maps, facilitating informed decision-making and continuous improvement.


Create visual representations of the processes based on the analyzed data, highlighting key steps, dependencies, and areas for improvement.

Business process mapping software
Analyze before you automate

Process Mapping & Analysis

Tailored to your specific needs, our Process Mapping and Analysis services align perfectly with your business needs. Our analyst team is well-equipped to help with process modeling activities at every stage, whether it involves initiating the process, mapping your current state, or conducting analysis to identify and enhance areas for improvement. 

We provide you with

  • Customized roadmap based on your business goals
  • Development, training, and mentoring services
  • Streamlined efficiency and in-house skill enhancement
  • Technology accelerators and approaches to get more value from the tech stack you have
  • And more!
Blueworks Live process mapping

Enhanced Mapping Platform

Blueworks Live

is a cloud-based software that provides an intuitive, collaborative environment to diagram and document all of your business processes. Go beyond just creating the “drawing.” Blueworks Live allows you to capture the essence of the process and all of the measurements and properties in a single source of truth.

Benefits Include: 

  • No installation
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Quick Documentation
Process mapping with Blueworks Insights
Advanced Process Data

Blueworks Insights

Elevate your process mapping experience with Blueworks Insights. Blueworks Insights seamlessly integrates reporting, visualizations, and analytics into your Blueworks Live platform. With direct access to Blueworks Live data, users can turn collaborative mapping into a powerhouse of insights and efficiency.


Blueworks Live Key Features

Being cloud-based enables you to create a process map effortlessly from any location and at any time, without the need for any downloads.

Effortlessly add and rearrange steps in the workflow using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Generate a comprehensive process map with just one click.

Collaborate in real-time within a shared workspace, complete with instant communication and automatic change notifications.

Explore video tutorials directly within the process-mapping environment, available at your convenience. Feeling uncertain about where to begin? Choose from a selection of 200 process mapping templates that you can easily adopt or customize.

Ensure accessibility to all business processes from any location and eradicate version conflicts through a centralized map repository.

Gain command over user access and allocate permissions based on license type, user group, and individual settings.

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