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What is

Business Compass?

What is

Business Compass?

Business Compass is your strategic partner in process improvement and automation. Our platform empowers you to analyze and identify opportunities that drive transformative success. We help you assess your business processes, pinpoint areas where automation can make a substantial impact, and seamlessly align these opportunities with your overarching business capabilities and objectives. With Business Compass, you have the key to unlocking your organization’s full potential and achieving enterprise excellence.

The Salient Process team has been very impressive to work with. By utilizing Business Compass and Blueworks Live, we now have a standard, centralized tool to prioritize and monitor continuous improvement programs, replacing the myriad of spreadsheets that we were using previously.

Tad Gray Corporate Director – Operational Excellence & Supply Chain at Curtiss-Wright

5 Reasons why Business Compass is the Ultimate Choice for your Business Transformation

Everything you need to Discover, Analyze, Prioritize and Align your transformation opportunities.

1. Your Comprehensive Platform for Process Improvement


2. Achieve Business Goals with Confidence

Tired of improvements that don’t turn out as planned? With Business Compass, you can prioritize enhancements based on your company’s specific goals and rest assured that every change you make directly contributes to successful outcomes.

3. Effortless Process Diagnosis and Solutions

Business Compass simplifies the process of pinpointing areas for improvement. It allows for an apples-to-apples comparison of processes, enabling you to select the right one for focused analysis. Start discovering opportunities for enhancement and determine the most effective solutions with confidence.

4. Streamline Business Case Creation

Building a compelling business case has never been easier. Business Compass provides all the necessary components, from detailed As-Is vs. To-Be scenarios to ROI calculations and impact/effort assessments. Craft persuasive cases with ease, showcasing teams, systems, and more.

5. Break Down Silos and Gain Clarity

Business Compass


Automation compass framework
Business Compass


By using Business Compass, companies can more effectively evaluate the potential benefits of process improvement and automation initiatives and make informed decisions about which initiatives are worth pursuing. The framework is seamlessly integrated to enable users to import and export BPMN Diagrams from multiple sources such as Blueworks Live.

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