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Ensure efficient Process Mapping using Blueworks Live– a cloud based platform offers an intuitive, collaborative space to diagram and document your business processes. Learn more about how to level up your process mapping game with Blueworks Live, Blueworks Insights, and our Process Mapping and Analysis Sprint. 


Process Mining is the key to illuminating inefficiencies and providing a clear path to enhanced efficiency and cost reduction. Process Mining works by analyzing the digital footprints left behind as your business processes unfold. It directly analyzes the digital traces in your systems to create an accurate, real-time map of your business processes. 


Business Automation Workflow (BAW) helps to optimize existing processes and create a structured environment for you and your organization. It allows you to automate the entire process, efficiently handling interconnected tasks from start to finish.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the lowest barrier to entry, providing an open door to your digital transformation roadmap. RPA automates front and back-office tasks, which frees employees to focus on more value-adding activities and makes your business more efficient.


Operational Decision Manager (ODM) is your all-in-one Decision Management platform that lets business users make frequent adjustments to their company’s business rules, allowing them to stay relevant in daily changing markets.  Easily manage and automate business decisions across your organization, ensuring consistency, reducing risks, and boosting productivity. 


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions organize customer information and company knowledge, establishing a structured content taxonomy. Integrated content search in Office products unlocks value from previously unstructured data. Leverage content for customer engagement, streamlined processes, and improved collaboration.


Capture Automation (DataCap) involves using technologies that allow classifies content, extracts the data and metadata from this content and passes this data to other Digital Business Automation tools to finish the process.


Experience the next level of customer and employee care with IBM watsonx Assistant. Designed for organizations committed to enhancing both customer and employee satisfaction, watsonx Assistant empowers you to provide instant support, sales assistance, and personalized insights tailored to every customer’s unique needs. Plus, its seamless integration with your existing systems ensures a hassle-free implementation process, so you can start delivering exceptional support right away.


IBM watsonx Orchestrate is your digital sidekick for simplifying daily work tasks. It harnesses micro-automations to streamline processes like managing leads, collaborating with your team, and integrating data into your CRM. With a collection of handy skills, from basic to advanced, watsonx Orchestrate ensures your team performs better by following your requests in the right order and context. No special training needed – get started in just a few minutes using prebuilt skills tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to frustrating, repetitive tasks and focus on the work you love, while Orchestrate handles the rest!


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