IBM will end service of BPM 8.5.x on September 30, 2019

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Delivering Operational Excellence via Digital Business Automation

You are in a bind. You need to deliver operational excellence, but you are being asked to do more with the same or less. Digital Business Automation can help. Digital Business Automation capabilities now streamline functions that not too long ago seemed impossible to automate, but you can’t just perform automation without making sure your processes can function well with automation. After all, making a bad process execute faster only gets you to a bad result that much sooner. Salient can help with both Process and Automation. Our combination of services, methodologies, and software in concert with IBM software solutions can help you do much more, and more accurately, with fewer resources required. Whether it be rules, process, task automation, or accelerators to help your delivery go faster and deliver more ROI, we have the answer.


We make these promises because we know we can deliver on them, guaranteed.

Time To Market

By leaning on our proprietary migration tools, Salient Process can be more effective at a fraction of the time and cost. You could even reduce assessment from weeks to minutes by doing it yourself for free!


Using Salient’s proprietary Digital Process Automation Methodology, you will achieve measurable positive ROI on your engagements or we will lower our implementation cost to the point you do.


Our Bootcamps will produce project ready resources from your team or we will refund you the training cost of each resource who is not project ready.

Brownells is a long-time customer of Salient’s Decision Management (DM) implementation services. In this video, see how Brownells uses DM to help them keep pace with fast changing regulations in the firearms industry.

The SPARK Toolkits are World Class Digital Process Automation Accelerators for IBM Digital Business Automation. Proudly created and developed by Salient Process.

Operational Excellence via Digital Business Automation
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