Process Mining

Process Mining for Data-Driven Transformation

Leverage Process Mining to achieve full visibility into your business operations. Propel efficiency, cut costs, and maintain a competitive edge.

About Process Mining

About Process Mining

Process Mining is the key to unlocking a new era of strategic decision-making and streamlined success. Process mining solutions allow you to dissect and optimize intricate business workflows, illuminating inefficiencies and providing a clear path to enhanced efficiency and cost reduction.


How It Works

Process Mining works by analyzing the digital footprints left behind as your business processes unfold. It directly analyzes the digital traces in your systems to create an accurate, real-time map of your business processes. This ensures you’re mining processes precisely how they operate. 

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Key Features

Process Mining provides a clear path forward by revealing the actual flow of your operations. By understanding the real processes at play, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency and reduce costs, guiding your business toward a more streamlined and effective future.

Business Process Model

Model and document your entire business model with visual maps, allowing you to understand exactly how your business works.

Visual Development

Effortlessly connect to sources such as SAP, Oracle, and more using our low-code/no-code platform. Deploy your solution anywhere and personalize dashboards with ease.

Automation Insights

Uncover automation possibilities and prioritize based on impact and anticipated ROI. Expedite implementation through the automatic generation of RPA bots.

Deviations Analysis

Examine cases that deviate from established standards to understand why these deviations occur, identify who is involved, and assess the impact of these deviations on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Process Simulation

Anticipate the outcomes and return on investment (ROI) for change initiatives, and proactively identify operational risks before committing resources through the use of what-if analyses.

Holistic Process View

Augment process analysis with task mining to achieve a comprehensive perspective on processes and tasks. Attain process transparency for informed decision-making.

Improve process visibility with process mining
Process Mining Benefits

Process Visibility

Get a clear and detailed understanding of how your business tasks are carried out and find areas for improvement. Use process views to analyze your processes, providing better insight into specific scenarios. Visualize your processes based on factors like frequency, cost, rework, duration, and overall cost. Utilize the Model Details feature to create extra scenarios and simulate your processes.

Business process mapping dashboard
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Customized Data

Drill down to what you need by customizing your data dashboards. Using the Analytics view, you can track and monitor any of your processes within seconds, all within your Process Mining platform. Use widgets such as 

  • KPI Summary 
  • Case Details & Variants
  • Average Lead Time & Lead Influences
  • Closure Reason & Type
  • And more. 
Process mining workflows

Digital Transformation

Fast-track digital transformation by achieving operational transparency, predicting and addressing disruptions, and pinpointing areas for process improvement. Enhance decision-making and provide support across different phases of the transformation journey.

PROCESS MINING Vs. Process Mapping

Understanding the Difference

PROCESS MINING Vs. Process Mapping

Understanding the Difference

  • Process Mining is used to understand and refine business processes by using your company’s internal data to reveal how things actually happen. By using specialized algorithms on these event logs, organizations get a clear picture of their operations, spotting inefficiencies, delays, and areas for improvement. 
  • Process Mapping: Process maps are visual representations of how work gets done within the four walls of your team, department, and/or company. It breaks down a process and defines a clear, detailed path depicting the people and steps involved in each business process to ultimately define how effective the process is.
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