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About Workflow 

About Workflow 

Our workflow solution streamlines business processes with rules-based logic, consolidating tasks, personnel, and data in one centralized location. It automates the entire processes, efficiently handling interconnected tasks from start to finish.

This end-to-end automation ensures seamless coordination and execution, minimizing errors and enabling teams to prioritize high-value tasks. The intelligent use of rules and logic allows for time-saving task automation, empowering teams to work more efficiently.


Business Automation Workflow Demo

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Learn how to streamline processes, prioritize tasks, and seamlessly integrate applications—no coding required! Watch this demo to see the incredible capabilities BAW offers:

Key Features

  • Explore both business user and manager viewpoints.
  • Gain firsthand experience in building user-friendly interfaces and views.
  • Monitor task progress seamlessly across team members. Reassign tasks as needed. 
  • Efficiently handle and oversee task details.


Tailored Perspectives for Users and Managers

Our platform uniquely caters to both business users and managers, offering distinct perspectives within the same interface. Experience simplicity and empowerment in one environment.

  • Dashboard status of work items, who’s got them, and how long they’ve been idle.

  • Dynamically re-assign work if a task has been sitting with an out-of-office worker.

  • Pre-programmed alerts, escalations and exceptions take the headache out of management.

  • Work does not leave the workflow – status is highly visible.

  • No second-guessing as the system prioritizes to-dos for you.
  • No reporting since the workflow automation tool tracks and reports for you.

  • Minimize wait time since the workflow system facilitates and orchestrates the progression of tasks and processes for you.

  • Low/No-code allows for rapid development and experimentation.

  • SaaS allows for minimal time spent on upkeep

  • A robust community, set of resources, accelerators and ecosystems of support.

Workflow Health Check

Workflow Health Check

Workflow Health Check should be performed annually as our solution continues to advance. We offer a comprehensive health check that includes the following:

  • Infrastructure, Application, and Systematic Analysis
  • Optimized System for Improved Time and Efficiency
  • Expert Recommendations for Planning

Watch to learn more about our Health Check. Contact us for more information

Use Cases

Our solution excels in analyzing and identifying opportunities across various business processes. Regardless of your industry or sub-industry, any department within your business can leverage the benefits of our versatile workflow management system.

The Mortgage Company aims for industry leadership but faces hurdles in mortgage refinance (refi) loan origination time. Slow processing, delayed reassignments, and limited visibility cause operational frustrations. 

Workflow Results Summary:

  • Achieved a 30% boost in loan processing capacity.
  • Slashed time to closing by 50%, resulting in a 55% reduction.
  • Realized an impressive 60% reduction in the cost of loan processing.

Facing the end-of-life of FileNet’s e-forms, The energy company needed an urgent replacement. Critical business areas like Accounts Payable and Supply Chain Contracts/Procurement struggled with complex systems. Swift, effective solution sought for seamless workflow management.

Workflow Results Summary:

  • Smooth transition to Business Automation Workflow (BAW) from FileNet.
  • Coach View created for UI-enhanced e-forms replication.
  • Two solutions implemented for workflow and e-forms with efficiency gains.
  • Application migrations, initially prolonged, completed within the specified timeline.

Replacing an inefficient system, the Global Automotive Leader urgently seeks a modern notification framework. Key requirements include accurate event-triggered notifications, event-to-action mapping, and flexible channel configuration for enhanced communication and streamlined business processes.

Workflow Results Summary:

  • Seamless transition to a comprehensive notification solution within BAW.
  • Improved communication, user engagement, and operational efficiency.
  • Ongoing plans to enhance the system for further flexibility.
  • Positive outcomes empower the organization with an efficient notification solution.

The Fortune 100 Warehouse Retailer sought assistance in automating its Global Procurement Process and Non-Food Quality Assurance Process, both of which were previously managed via spreadsheets and manual reporting. The company faced challenges in visibility, resulting in financial losses, compliance issues, and unnecessary rework.

Quality Assurance Results:

  • 80% faster test request processing | 86% quicker test request revisions
  • 300% more audit capacity | 7% yearly person-hour savings from digital transformation

Procurement Results:

  • Manual reporting eliminated | 2000% increase in global item purchases
  • $54M annual savings | 92% fewer supplier interactions on average


The Fortune 100 Insurance Company aimed to embrace the latest version of our workflow solution and undergo the migration and modernization of 250 process applications, driven by the necessity for time efficiency.

Workflow Results Summary:

  • 30+ process applications modernized
  • Decreased coach development time by 50-90%
  • Continuous Improvement strategy established

The PNC Financial Services Group Inc. needed a new business rules
solution. The firm had its rules and policies hardcoded into Java and
Microsoft .NET programs, which made them extremely difficult to modify.

Workflow Results Summary:

  • 80-90% reduction in the number of loan applications that
    the bank must review manually
  • increased work volumes resulting from an acquisition without adding staff
  • compliance reporting for numerous regulations through increased visibility
known and trusted


By having a global standard process, with standard reports, we’re literally reducing decisions and reports for the whole company by thousands… This all adds up to saved dollars. It is a huge savings

Fortune 20 Warehouse Retailer Director, Non-food Quality Assurance

Best system that our IT department has built in 15 years

Fortune 100 Warehouse Retailer Assistant General Manager

With the [Coach View] template, we are saving around 50% in development time. We are also anticipating even more savings with any future changes since the code is in one location rather than every coach.

Fortune 100 Insurance Company System Developer Information Systems

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With expertise in IBM BAW/BPM UI and a passion for improving efficiency and growth, we deliver business automation solutions that align with your organization’s goals, ensuring a maximum return on investment.

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