Business Automation Products

Business automation is the use of technology to systematically automate both repetitive manual tasks as well as complex and long running cases. Companies use business automation to facilitate higher value human labor via ai-powered Digital Business Automation software. This enables our knowledge workers and managers alike to streamline their business operations by minimizing errors, improving data accessibility and increasing efficiency. With business automation tools from a trusted provider, you can better align your corporate goals with your process outcomes.

Why Choose?

Salient Process

At Salient Process, we offer several state-of-the-art business automation products you can use to improve your operations. We’ll help your company develop an ideal business architecture, eliminate waste and integrate automation into your current systems.

Our Business Automation Products

You can find a comprehensive selection of business automation products to serve your company’s needs at Salient Process. Our innovative offerings help users leverage advanced technological capabilities across their Digital Business Automation journeys and achieve greater business performance.

Salient Process’s Business Compass helps companies visualize their areas of need to better guide their Digital Business Automation journeys. This tool automatically pinpoints and recommends automation opportunities and simulates processes using industry-based templates that reflect real-world models. It also features a return on investment (ROI) calculator to estimate automation implementation costs.

Blueworks Live is a centralized platform that enables companies to discover, model and record their business processes. Blueworks Insights grants Blueworks Live users additional capabilities to better understand and manage their Blueworks Live environments. Some of the many features of this business automation product include reporting and analytics, user management, compliance, and robotic processes.

Botverter allows users to migrate their bots to WDG Automation with less time, expense and errors. You can use the tool to perform detailed analyses of each of your bots and their compatibility with IBM RPA with WDG Automation. Botverter will also display your conversion timeline and converted commands.

When you get started with this tool, our experts will familiarize themselves with your bot environment, determine your coverage and estimate your migration investment.

Salient Process for Business Automation Products

At Salient Process, we have served as a leading Digital Business Automation services and solutions provider since 2011. We’ve expanded to five locations worldwide today. We’re driven by a passion for our customers’ success, making it our goal to help organizations achieve higher-level thinking and become fully self-sufficient in their business automation technologies.

Elevate Your Business Operations With Business Automation

You can optimize your company’s processes with business automation products from Salient Process. We strive to give our customers the resources they need to achieve significant process improvements, reduce cycle times, increase visibility, promote sustainable profitability and gain peace of mind.

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