Document Classification & Data Extraction

What is

Data Capture?

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What is

Data Capture?

Streamline the capture, recognition, and classification of internal and external business documents

Capture automation is a Digital Business Automation capability that utilizes natural language processing, text analytics, Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (IOCR), and AI machine learning technologies. It identifies, classifies, and extracts data from unstructured or variable paper or electronic documents and passes the data and metadata along for further processing.

Save your knowledge workers time and eliminate errors by allowing Capture technology to triage the content and data entering your business. Enhanced security and compliance. As an added benefit, you will experience enhanced security and compliance with data collection automation.

how it works

You take ingested documents (emails, files, scans, faxes, etc.) and upload them to extract, detect, and classify data needed.

Data Capture is best used in repetitive high-volume work where the data needed to be extracted is known. Thus, in our Automation Alignment Matrix, its best fit is in the High Volume / Repetitive quadrant. However, it can still have a place in the other quadrants as well. 

Capabilities & Advantages

Supports input from scanners, faxes, emails, digital files, images, and physical documents. Multichannel capture recognizes data and extracts it seamlessly through automated data collection. A data capture system that supports multiple file types provides more versatility, making it easier to digitize and access all your files.

Machine learning automates the processing of complex, unknown, internal, and external formats and highly variable documents. Data capture automation helps save time and reduce errors made from manual entry. There is less paperwork to search through, making it easier to find information quickly as needed. It also ensures a smooth function using AI technologies, natural language processing, and IOCR.

Configure your capture applications using embedded rules to speed deployment. Our data collection technology follows the rules you apply. Add rules to ensure the application works the way you want.

Information will be blocked out according to the user’s role. Only people with access to the program can oversee data extraction and see the information uploaded to storage.

Input with mobile devices, applications, or internal systems and export with range of applications and content storage systems. Our program easily integrates with existing applications, so you can continue using systems that work but with an additional enhancement.

How it Helps you


Data capture automation offers many benefits for busy companies looking to enhance their systems. Consider the Data Capture solution from Salient Process when upgrading your data collection process. Benefits include:

  • Faster response times: Your team can respond faster to inquiries and tasks because they get the required information right away.
  • Higher customer retention: Quicker response times and increased efficiency help you provide better customer service, increasing the retention rate.
  • Reduced costs: Manually storing and keeping up with paperwork is costly due to all the supplies needed to stay organized. With everything digitized and streamlined, the company saves money.
  • Cost savings in staffing: With automated data collection, you don’t need as much staff working on data collection.
  • Cost-effective deployment: Data capture automation software is a cost-effective addition to your company.
  • Faster turnaround times: Turnaround times are quick, making it faster to get work done. Data capture automation ensures documents get scanned and confirmed instantaneously.
  • Increased productivity: Empower your team to focus on their tasks and spend less time sifting through documents and more time being productive.
  • Simplify processes: Data capture automation streamlines processes so personnel can upload and find documents with ease.
  • Create efficiency: Digital copies are more accessible and efficient. Team members can easily and quickly locate the documents they need.

Use Cases for Data Collection Software

Scan in documentation from customers, train the Datacap system to recognize keywords, pull out information from the document, and forward this data to another system


Use Datacap as a scanning tool for specific information entered by customers. Easily find the information customers need via the organized content system.


Extract data for claims processing. Locate data fast in the content storage system. Automated data collection helps insurance agents prioritize and streamline claims, improving customer relations and saving time, resources, and money.


Automated data processing allows you to extract data from the many documents you procure in the sales process to make the research of the documents easier for clients.


Scan proof of delivery and proof of pickup from delivery agents and drivers. Keep track of the data to analyze delivery efficiencies and see if deliveries occur on time. 


Datacap to identify licenses, signature detection, etc. DMV procedures can become more effective and efficient using machine data collection.


Collect and extract data from receipts, tax returns, and other files. Easily organize your documents so they’re ready whenever an audit occurs. Digitizing all your files makes it easier to prepare for important inspections, especially if they could occur at any time.


Track inventory, process orders, and classify forms throughout your processes. Digital data collection accessible on multiple devices helps keep everyone on the same page.


Capture documents issued from the business processes. Streamline document organization procedures to increase productivity and efficiency.


Our Research

It is difficult for traditional systems to capture the increased complexity of documents. According to the IBM Institute for Business Value and Forrester Research: 

0 % of Global Leaders

Don’t reach their growth objectives without scaling AI & Automation

0 % of Companies

Encountered broken processes in the past 6 months

0 Days a Week Lost

Due to creating, reading, or searching for information

84 % of Global Leaders

Don’t reach their growth objectives without scaling AI & Automation

66 % of Companies

Encountered broken processes in the past 6 months

1.4 Days a Week Lost

Due to creating, reading, or searching for information

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