Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar Case Study – Save $84,000 Per Year With IBM RPA

Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar Case Study – Save $84,000 Per Year With IBM RPA

Published By : salientprocess May 14, 2022

The Client

Primanti Bros Restaurant and Bar

Business Challenge

For the past 89 years, this company has experienced exponential growth, expanding to 38 locations across the US, with an additional one in each stadium in Pittsburgh. The well-loved restaurant has always adapted to changing times, and they recently recognized the need to enhance efficiency in their back- of-house operations. They were in urgent need of improvements, and Primanti Bros wasted no time in finding a solution.

They found their answer in Salient Process, and together we implemented an IBM RPA bot within two weeks. This bot is expected to generate an annual return of $84,000 for the business by automating the task of generating a Daily Sales & Labor tracking report. Primanti Bros is not just serving their renowned “Almost Famous” sandwiches and refreshments; they are also embracing the future with their new menu item: automation.

Primanti Bros Before RPA

Before implementing the IBM RPA bot, Primanti Bros had a long and inefficient reporting process:

  1. Log into sales & labor management platform
  2. Select the report parameters
  3. Run and download the report
  4. Open the Excel report
  5. Find and copy the right data
  6. Paste data into forecasting .xls
  7. Repeat for all five national locations
  8. Save and send the report to the manager
  9. Repeat this process every day

This process took at the very least 45 minutes per person to generate around 40 reports, all before 10 AM (including weekends and holidays), so they could make possible adjustments before opening for the day. There are eight regional managers that have, on average, five restaurants.

Primanti Bros After RPA

IBM RPA bot is now scheduled to do steps 1-8 every day.

New Daily Tasks:

  1. Analyze the forecast
  2. Act on financial insights

With One RPA Bot, Primanti Bros was able to:

  • Repurpose 6 hours of labor across ALL 8 regional managers to higher-value tasks
  • Save 2,100 Hours / Year
  • Save $84,000 / Year in Payroll repurposed to higher-value tasks
  • Achieved 100% ROI in 3 Months

Hear the Full Primanti Brothers Hyperautomation Success Story on our Podcast today.

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