Salient Process Helps a National Retail and Distribution Brokerage Firm Automate Their Business Operations With Robotic Process Automation

Salient Process Helps a National Retail and Distribution Brokerage Firm Automate Their Business Operations With Robotic Process Automation

Published By : salientprocess August 28, 2019

The Client

A National Retailer and Distribution Brokerage Firm

Business Challenge

It was apparent that having a valuable resource spending about 25 hours a week simply transferring data from one site to individual spreadsheets, and then sending specific request to multiple vendors was not the best use of their time. This allowed very little time for that resource to focus efforts on scaling their business.

In addition, the mind-numbing and repetitive work the client was performing was a potential source of a large liability, introducing potential errors with such a manual process. It is very common for a human to insert the correct data into the wrong field and have no awareness of the mistake until problems arise, and by then it is too late.

Furthermore, the timing of when the required data was needed to be pulled from vendor sites was not during normal working hours. So, in addition to the hardship for the resource, it limited the hours the resource was available during the normal workday to meet with potential clients or handle daily business operations.

So how do we fix this problem?

The Solution

Salient Process knew immediately that this was a great use case for Task Automation (RPA). Very often RPA is used in combination with human and system activity, but in this case Salient was able to completely automate the tasks using standard RPA product features.

Salient was able to program an RPA “bot” to complete the following activities:

  • Log onto the client reporting system.
  • Extrapolate the required data for a particular vendor .
  • Place that data into the appropriate reporting format.
  • Email generated reports to the appropriate client and broker contacts.

This work is now 100% automated using RPA.

The Result

When Salient started the discovery conversations with this client, the client’s goal was to find a way Salient could help to automate some of the redundant work and allow them more time to scale their business. Salient was able to automate 100% of this activity, giving them back approximately 1,300 man hours a year, greatly reducing human error, allowing the client to be available to scale his business during the normal work day and produce a better report to his clients in a faster and more reliable fashion.

Not all human tasks are capable of automation, which is a good thing, but when you can use automation to free up the time of a valuable human resource, and actually produce meaningful work and help grow your business, don’t you owe it to your workforce to at least look into the options?

Reach out to Salient Process today to start a conversation and discover options where automation can free up your workforce to focus on the items that provide the most value for them and your company.

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