Business Compass Release Notes: End of 2023

Business Compass Release Notes: End of 2023

Published By : Cydney McCollum January 31, 2024

Welcome to the end of 2023 release notes!

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🚀New Features

Import Process Taxonomy from Blueworks Live (BWL)

The import feature has now extended its capabilities. You can now import process taxonomy from IBM Blueworks Live (BWL) and observe the inclusion of associated processes. Linked systems, stakeholders, and automatic updates enhance your Business Compass experience.

Enhance Simulation Accuracy with Timer Intermediate Event ⏲️

Introducing the Timer Intermediate Event, a robust addition to our simulation feature. Now, you have the ability to seamlessly model mandatory wait periods. Utilize this feature to pause activities for specified durations, ensuring an accurate representation of your processes.

How to use it:

  • Add the Timer Intermediate Event through the BPMN editor.
  • Define wait time, cost, and other parameters in the simulation settings.
  • Witness precise simulations that account for mandatory pauses between activities.

Tracking Simulation by ID 🆔

Precision is crucial for insightful simulations. Our tracking enhancement now enables activities to be tracked by a unique Activity ID, reducing ambiguity and ensuring accurate simulation results.

How to use it:

  • Each activity now has a unique Activity ID for meticulous tracking.
  • Modify activity names without affecting the simulation results.
  • Enjoy clear and precise simulation reports and visualizations.

Discovery of AI Opportunities in Your Process 🧠

In the realm of Discovery Automation, we introduce the “AI Technology” column. This feature seamlessly integrates AI capabilities into the discovery map, enabling you to identify processes ripe for AI enhancement.

How to use it:

  • Select the process you want to discover automation for and navigate to “Action” and then to “Discover Automation.”
  • Explore the new “AI Technology” column on the right to identify activities that may benefit from AI enhancement.


Process Efficiency Visualization 📊

As a process owner, you now have the ability to visualize efficiency percentages for each activity within your process. This enhancement empowers informed decision-making regarding activities that require optimization attention.

How to use it:

  • Navigate to the process you want to review and access the Efficiency tab.
  • On top of each activity, locate the label displaying the efficiency percentage.
  • Efficiency is calculated using work time and cycle time information: Efficiency (%) = (Work Time / Cycle Time) * 100.
  • The efficiency calculation takes into account the value-added or non-value-added status, where non-value-adding activities assume 0% efficiency.
  • If any activity lacks cycle time information, it will be displayed as blank and won’t impact the efficiency calculation.

Enhancing User-Friendly Table Customization 🛠️

Improve your user experience with a more user-friendly and theme-aligned column selection modal for customizing table displays.

How to use it:

  • Navigate to any table and click on “Filter Columns.”
  • Easily customize table views by selecting/deselecting columns using associated checkboxes.
  • Utilize a convenient search bar to effortlessly locate specific columns, with dynamic updates as you type.

Streamlined Pain v.s. Gain Diagram

Simplify the Pain v.s. Gain diagram by removing the scale from the axis, providing a cleaner and more intuitive visual representation.

How to use it:

  • Navigate to a dashboard and add the Pain v.s. Gain widget.
  • The quadrant name will help you understand the position of each process without the need for an axis scale.

Enhanced FAQ

Revamp the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to encompass various updates, providing extensive support to users. Beyond BWL account linking, find answers to all your inquiries in one centralized location.

How to use it:

  • Locate the question mark icon in the sidebar for quick access.
  • Navigate to the FAQ section within the help modal.
  • Explore a wealth of updated information covering multiple aspects of the product.

Streamlined Pain Assessment Editing

Improve the pain assessment editing process for a more intuitive and direct user experience. No more unnecessary redirects; seamlessly transition to pain assessment settings for efficient editing.

How to use it:

  • Click “Edit Assessment” to be automatically redirected to the specific pain assessment settings page.
  • Edit assessment details directly on the settings page, eliminating unnecessary steps.

On-Demand Process Refresh

Empower users with the ability to manually refresh processes imported from process mining. A dedicated button ensures you always have access to the latest process versions, keeping your information up to date.

How to use it:

  • In the model section of the process, locate the new “Refresh from Process Mining” button.
  • Click the button to trigger the update process.

BPMN Modeler Enhancements 🔄

At Business Compass, we recognize that your creative process is an ongoing masterpiece, ever-evolving and dynamic. Our BPMN Modeler enhancement allows you to save and work on your models even before they reach perfection. We understand that not every stroke is final, and not every note is polished, but your work deserves to be captured and saved.

🔧🐞Bug Fixes

Sort By Phase Bug (Resolved)

  • Addressed an issue on the opportunity table where sorting by phase was not functioning as expected. Users can now effectively sort opportunities based on their respective phases

Change Process Mining Integration to Account Level (Resolved)

  • Resolved an integration issue related to Process Mining. Previously, changing the account type did not affect the integration status, allowing unintended imports. The integration now adheres to the account type, ensuring proper functionality.

Error Adding New Maturity (Resolved)

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when adding a new maturity in the assessment settings. Users can now seamlessly add new maturities without encountering loading issues.

Simulation Enhancements:

  • Compare Scenarios Bug (Resolved): Resolved an issue with the Compare Scenarios functionality, ensuring accurate and reliable results when comparing different simulation scenarios.
  • End Activity Allows Add Details (Resolved): Fixed a bug where the end activity allowed adding details. The simulation now correctly handles end activity specifications.
  • Scenario Step Details Reflection (Resolved): Fixed an issue where scenario step details for all scenarios were erroneously reflected in the first scenario added by the user in the Compare Scenarios table.
  • Name Scenarios in Results (Completed): Implemented the addition of scenario names on top of the heatmaps in the simulation results, providing users with clearer insights.
  • Incorrect Data in Compare Scenarios Table (Resolved): Addressed a bug where the data in the Compare Scenarios table was incorrect. The table now accurately represents simulation results.
  • Change Color (Completed): Updated the color scheme in the Queues tab on the simulation results page. Text numbers are now visible, improving readability.
  • Newly Added Scenario Reflection (Resolved): Fixed an issue where a newly added scenario was not reflected in the Compare Scenarios table. The table now updates correctly.
  • Unable to Edit Step Details (Resolved): Resolved a bug preventing users from editing step details from the activities table. Users can now efficiently edit step details as needed.
  • Select/Deselect All Activities Button (Resolved): Fixed an issue where the Select/Deselect All Activities button was not working as expected. The button now functions correctly for streamlined user interaction.
  • Missing Seconds as Units (Resolved): Addressed a bug where seconds were unavailable as units for each step. The simulation now includes seconds as a unit option.

🔜Coming Soon

Exciting developments lie ahead for Business Compass! Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

  • Efficiency Simulation: Unleash the power to view and analyze the efficiency of your simulated processes in our model heatmaps. Whether it’s the as-is or to-be scenario, you’ll have efficiency labels, vibrant colors denoting different efficiency ranges, and a visual feast of insights. It’s time to elevate your efficiency game and make data analysis enchanting!
  • Capability Harmony: Enhances the capability details management system to automatically scale up details created within a child’s capability to the parent’s capability. This ensures a synchronized representation of entities across different capability levels.

Thank You for Choosing Business Compass! 🌐
We appreciate your commitment to improving business processes with Business Compass. Your
feedback is invaluable as we continue to evolve and enhance our platform. Stay tuned for more
exciting updates in the next release! 🚀


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