What Is Compliance Automation?

What Is Compliance Automation?

Published By : salientprocess February 13, 2024
What is compliance automation?

Compliance automation is an innovative way to comply with regulations while saving time and money. Technological solutions make it possible to automate compliance processes, freeing employees to focus on other tasks that improve their companies and boost revenue. Quality automation software can help your company keep pace with the latest regulations in your industry so you can focus on driving your business forward.

Compliance Automation Defined

Compliance automation uses advanced technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve and accelerate the compliance process. It’s a process that simplifies compliance-related procedures and tasks such as risk mitigation strategy, internal gap analysis, and policy rollout.

Importance of Regulatory Compliance Automation

Automated compliance is essential because it helps companies secure their data, resources, and clients while saving time and money. Experts predict that companies can reduce expenses by 30% when they implement automated processes.

Completing compliance processes and tasks manually is challenging and time-consuming due to security risks, frequently changing regulations, and budget constraints. Advanced technology makes compliance processes easier and faster, offering the following advantages for your company.

1. Greater Efficiency and Productivity

Since compliance automation accelerates processes and saves time, it frees your employees to focus on higher-value tasks and responsibilities. When you use dependable software to handle your compliance needs, your employees have more time for other actions, such as generating new ideas, collaborating on projects, evaluating client needs, and finding new ways to increase revenue.

2. Protection From Repercussions

Automating your compliance processes can help your company avoid repercussions. Compliance is one of the most important parts of operating a company because it ensures you conduct legal business practices.

Handling compliance procedures manually presents a human error risk, and a small error can result in a regulatory body finding your company non-compliant. Compliance automation software uses advanced technology to track and manage your company’s data, procedures, risk management, and activities to ensure you follow the latest regulations.

Using reliable compliance automation software can also help you secure business deals. When you remain compliant with regulations, partnering companies are more likely to find your company trustworthy and want to work with you.

3. Helpful Insights for Improvement

Compliance automation software provides detailed assessments, enabling companies to proactively report their compliance status. With automated, reliable, and consistent reporting, your company can identify and address potential complications before they cause issues.

Automation helps with reliable reporting

How Does Compliance Automation Work?

Compliance automation works by unifying compliance tasks and procedures in a centralized interface. It uses AI, ML, and advanced analytics to scan your infrastructure and systems. With this automatic scanning, you can quickly and easily identify compliance vulnerabilities, gaps, and areas for improvement.

Compliance automation software checks and monitors your systems and activity to ensure they adhere to your company’s policies and industry regulations. Quality software solutions also have built-in remediation features to help you resolve security issues easily. With the right compliance automation software, you can ensure you have the right security measures in place, receive notifications about sensitive data, and take corrective action when necessary.

Compliance Automation Examples

Consider the following compliance workflow capabilities your company can take advantage of with compliance automation solutions:

Regulatory and Corporate Compliances

Compliance automation software tracks your systems to ensure your information, data, and processes are compliant with regulations and your corporation’s policies. You can set predefined standards, and the software constantly monitors your systems for any discrepancies. For example, you can enforce mandated policies on your company’s devices and toggle a switch to prevent individuals from making any modifications that would go against company policy.

Security and Risk Management

Automation in risk management can continuously monitor predetermined risk indicators and send you real-time alerts when the software detects potential risks within a system. It tracks trends and generates reports to help you pinpoint precisely where you need to increase security. Automating your compliance processes and procedures can significantly improve your decision-making.

Compliance automation can make your employee onboarding and offboarding processes more secure. For example, specialized software can automatically grant new employees access to company resources and revoke their access as soon as they leave the company. Automation software can also restrict access to certain systems until employees meet predefined requirements.

Another advantage of compliance automation software is the ability to set password criteria and password update requirements to protect your employees and company data.

Audit Trail Management

Automating your compliance processes also improves your company’s financial reporting. Innovative software uses AI and ML technology to update, store, track, and protect financial statements. Automation organizes and manages your company’s financial activity, helping you identify discrepancies, remain within your budget, and simplify and accelerate the auditing process. Auditors can analyze your records much easier when you have organized, accurate financial statements in one place.


You can significantly improve your self-assessment processes with compliance automation software. AI and ML technology allow you to automate assessment processes such as testing, controls analysis, and corrective action planning. For example, automating controls analysis and testing establishes a consistent testing framework. This framework makes testing more accurate and effective for a smoother auditing process.

Industries Embracing Compliance Automation

Compliance automation is advantageous across a wide range of companies and organizations. Consider how compliance automation software benefits the following industries:

  • Healthcare: Companies in the healthcare industry must comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations to protect patient privacy. HIPAA regulations change frequently, and compliance automation software makes it easy for companies to receive notifications and updates to prevent non-compliance.
  • Finance: Financial institutions can use compliance automation to identify clients, detect fraud, and protect personally identifiable financial information (PIFI) quickly and securely. Advanced software performs these functions properly so companies in the finance industry can comply with state, local, and federal government regulations.
  • Information technology: Information technology (IT) companies must comply with various regulations to ensure they protect data properly. Compliance automation helps IT departments secure data and information effectively, and it notifies employees of the latest data protection requirements to ensure systems remain in compliance.

Choose Salient Process for Automated Compliance Solutions

Compliance automation solutions

Compliance automation improves and accelerates compliance procedures to ensure your company meets regulations. With the right software, you can prevent non-compliance while freeing your employees to focus on other important tasks that contribute to your company’s growth and bring in more revenue.

At Salient Process, we offer Digital Business Automation solutions to make compliance faster, easier, and more secure. We can help your organization automate your compliance processes for a reliable system that drives your business forward. Contact us to learn more about automating your compliance processes.