Expedite IBM BAW Migration with TWX Analyzer and Migrator

Expedite IBM BAW Migration with TWX Analyzer and Migrator

Published By : March 26, 2019

IBM Gold Business Partner, Salient Process, leverages proprietary migration tools to improve process applications while improving them

CARMICHAEL, Calif.March 25, 2019

Salient Process starts off the year by launching TWX Analyzer and TWX Migrator to expedite migration to the latest version of the IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) platform, formerly called “IBM BPM” (Business Process Management).

TWX Analyzer and TWX Migrator are proprietary tools that could help customers reduce migration time from weeks to minutes while improving their business applications in the process. TWX Analyzer is an online assessment tool that allows users to upload their process apps and better understand the migration effort required. Specifically, it provides asset counts and reports, identify underlying issues, and formulates a migration strategy on an app by app basis. Meanwhile, TWX Migrator is a migration tool to make quick changes across the entire process application. It automates rework, migrates from old to new artifact types, and cleans up unused artifacts and dependencies.

With many years of experience with BPM at IBM, Jared Michalec, VP Client Services at Salient, recommends that migrations should start as soon as possible to mitigate any possible issues that may arise. “While Salient Process offers several accelerators that can accelerate BPM upgrades/migrations from months to days, there are always unknowns that can pop up.” To make it a no-brainer, Salient provides an online assessment tool for FREE to give clients peace of mind for migration plans. Try it today!

Users can assess their process apps for free on https://www.twxanalyzer.com.

About Salient Process

Founded in 2011, Salient Process is an IBM Gold Business Partner, and a leading provider of IBM Digital Business Automation services and solutions. Salient Process is the creator of the next generation IBM BAW UI (SPARK), and the Quick Process Builder. Providing both software and services for Digital Business Automation, Salient specializes in Robotic Process Automation, Business Automation Workflow (BAW), Content Management, and Decision Management (ODM and DSI). Utilizing a proven and fully documented methodology, Salient partners with clients to ensure they successfully navigate the process and decision-centric maturity journey by not only helping clients build great solutions, but also enabling them to become self-sufficient in workflow, decision, and automation efforts.