Heritage Coach Conversions Whitepaper

Heritage Coach Conversions Whitepaper

This whitepaper explains how the effort of converting Heritage Coaches to modern BPM UI-based Coaches can greatly benefit from an automation-assisted Heritage Coach conversion
approach. It also helps contrast an automation-assisted scenario with a pure manual conversion effort. Additionally, it provides important information, and presents options, for customers trying to decide what to do with “legacy” User Interfaces in IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW).

What’s Inside:

  • What a Heritage Coach Conversion Means
  • How Automation Assisted UI Conversions Work
  • The Manual Conversion Option
  • Contrasting Automation-Assisted and Manual Conversions
  • And much more!

This whitepaper is an abridged version of the Heritage Coach Conversions eGuide content. The eGuide is scheduled for release on January 21, 2020.

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