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Salient Process Products

Innovation Studio

Salient’s AI powered platform provides you with suggestions, guidance, analysis, and structured for process improvement, implementations, and technology sellers.

Business Compass

Business Compass is your digital advisor for planning, navigating, and aligning operations to achieve enterprise excellence. It's everything you need to Discover, Analyze, Prioritize and Align your transformation opportunities.

Blueworks Insights

Blueworks Insights provides users of IBM Blueworks Live with additional capabilities in order to better manage and understand their IBM Blueworks Live environment.


Botverter allows users to migrate their bots to WDG Automation with less time, expense and errors. You can use the platform to perform detailed analyses of each of your bots and their compatibility with IBM RPA with WDG Automation.

TWX Analyzer

TWX Analyzer is an analysis tool used to assess process applications and their migration readiness. It provides asset counts and reports, as well as identifies underlying issues (unused artifacts, circular dependencies, etc).

TWX Migrator

TWX Migrator is a migration tool used to make quick changes across the entire process application. Not only does it automate rework, it also migrates from old to new artifact types.

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At Salient Process, we offer several unique and innovative products you can use to improve your operations. We’ll help your company develop an ideal business architecture, eliminate waste and integrate automation into your current systems.

Elevate Your Business Operations With Business Automation

You can optimize your company’s processes with business automation products from Salient Process. We strive to give our customers the resources they need to achieve significant process improvements, reduce cycle times, increase visibility, promote sustainable profitability and gain peace of mind.

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