What’s New in Automation Compass? August 2023

What’s New in Automation Compass? August 2023

Published By : Cydney McCollum September 20, 2023

Welcome to the August edition of our Automation Compass release notes! We’re thrilled to unveil the latest version of Automation Compass, your steadfast partner for business process optimization. In this release, we’ve packed a treasure trove of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to elevate your experience and empower your automation journey. Dive into the details, and if you’d like to stay updated with our latest releases, don’t forget to Subscribe to Our Newsletter

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🚀What’s New?

1. Enhanced Capability Refresh in Blueworks Live

Bid farewell to data loss! With our latest update, any modifications you make to your BWL (Blueworks Live) capability map will trigger a seamless update in Automation Compass without compromising your data. Whether you’re introducing new capabilities, reorganizing them, or even removing some within BWL, rest assured that all your processes, opportunities, goals, and associated details in Automation Compass will remain fully preserved.

2. Prioritize Processes by Pain vs. Gain

Make well-informed decisions! We’ve seamlessly integrated the Pain vs. Gain assessment into the process stage. This empowers you to prioritize process models based on both pain points and potential benefits aligned with their respective stages. Now, it’s simpler than ever to identify the processes that warrant improvement next.


  1. Improved Implementation Monitoring: Achieve real-time accuracy! Our monitoring tool has been revamped to follow a calendar date structure. When calculating planned vs. actual benefits, it now considers any deviations up to the current date, guaranteeing you access to real-time insights into your improvement progress.
  2. Auto-Populate Process Details from BWL: Save Time on Data Entry! Streamline your workflow! When importing processes from BWL, Automation Compass will automatically populate your process details with business owner information, system details, and descriptions. Experience peak efficiency!
  3. Customize Capability Analysis: Personalize your view! You now have the option to toggle the visibility of information icons within capabilities for processes, opportunities, and goals. Concentrate on what holds the most significance in your capability analysis.
  4. Select Your Starting Page: Tailor Automation Compass to your liking! You can now choose your preferred starting page from a user-friendly dropdown menu in the settings. Personalize your experience to align with your requirements.

🔧Bug Fixes

  1. Simplified Process Linking: Linking processes from opportunities is now a breeze! Just click on the process name you want to link, and it’s done. We’ve also disabled the editing of processes from opportunities to prevent any issues. Manage your processes directly from the process page for smoother workflow.
  2. Dashboard Name Editing: No more hiccups! We’ve fixed the bug that was causing issues when changing widgets’ names on the dashboard. Your dashboard experience is now seamless.
  3. Zoom In/Zoom Out of Processes: We’ve addressed bugs related to zooming in and out of processes, ensuring a smoother navigation experience.

🔜Coming Soon

  1. Streamline Process Importing: Lucichart and IBM Process Mining Integration: Get ready for some exciting integrations! In our next release, you’ll gain the ability to seamlessly import processes directly from Lucichart and IBM Process Mining, significantly expanding your process mapping capabilities.
  2. Enhanced Process Modeling: Introducing BMPN.io Integration: Stay tuned for a forthcoming feature that empowers you to directly modify process models within Automation Compass through our new BMPN.io integration. We’re dedicated to making your transformation journey smoother and more powerful than ever before.

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We appreciate your involvement in the Automation Compass journey. Our dedication lies in consistently enriching your experience and delivering value to your organization. Stay tuned for these thrilling updates as we jointly navigate the path to success!

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