What’s New in Automation Compass? February 2023

What’s New in Automation Compass? February 2023

Published By : Cydney McCollum March 21, 2023

As a user of our tool Automation Compass, we want to ensure that you are always up-to-date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes. That’s why we have implemented release notes on our website, which provide comprehensive information about each update we make to our product.

We encourage you to check out our release notes regularly to stay informed about the latest updates and improvements for Automation Compass. As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions, and we look forward to providing you with the best possible user experience.

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🚀What’s New?

1. Process Efficiency

With our latest update, you can now visualize your process efficiency by process, milestone, and activity if you import your process from Blueworks Live and it contains data about cycle time.

This new process efficiency feature helps you to make more accurate process analysis and identify areas for improvement, leading to better decision-making and process optimization. And don’t worry, the process efficiency visualization is super easy to use and provides a clear and intuitive overview of your process performance.

2. Create New Pains

You now have the power to customize pain points for your company’s processes in our pain v gain assessment feature that we introduced back in January. This means you can measure what makes the most sense for your company and get even more valuable insights. With the new customization options, you can add, delete or edit pain points to match your specific needs and pain points. To access this feature, simply head over to the settings page and look for “Pain assessment” under company settings. It’s that easy!

3. Heatmap from children to parents

With this latest update, you can now calculate the parent heatmap level based on the average of its children’s level. This means that when using the heatmap based on the capability map, you can activate the automatic heatmap option and simply populate the heatmap level of the lowest level capabilities. The parent heatmap level will then be automatically calculated, providing you with an accurate overview of the status of your processes and operations. This new feature saves you time and effort by automating the calculation of parent heatmap levels, making it easier than ever to generate heatmaps that reflect the current state of your organization.

4. Import Opportunities from excel

We now have the ability to import opportunities from Excel, making it easier for you to keep track of all your ideas and initiatives for process improvements. We understand that manually importing each opportunity can be a daunting task, especially when you have a lot of ideas to keep track of. With this new feature, you can simply download our fields to get a reference of the data you need to provide and the format allowed by Automation Compass, and then upload all your opportunities in just a few clicks! This helps to reduce friction and makes it easier for you to get started with Automation Compass.

🔧Bug Fixes

  1. Our “Get in touch” link works smoothly, so you can easily send us a message.
  2. We’ve added missing and corrected wrong tooltips in Pipelines, Dashboard, and Heatmap. This makes it easier to understand what each button is for.
  3. The BPMN download name has been corrected so that it displays the actual process name instead of “undefined”.
  4. We fixed an issue with the Mission and Vision section in the North Star, so you can now use apostrophes in your company’s North Star.
  5. We’ve also made it easier to remember which heatmap you’re currently viewing by showing the current selection in the dropdown menu.


  1. We’ve made it easier to read the data in the automation alignment and capability columns for the opportunity table.
  2. In the opportunity – simulation tab, you can now see the max year, daily savings, and cost information for your scenarios.
  3. You can link your opportunities to existing processes, making it easier to manage all of your opportunities for a single process in one place.
  4. Saving changes to your process is now easier than ever before! You can save all your changes with a single click, including your pain v gain calculations and process details.
  5. To help you navigate, we’ve changed the names of the pages in your browser tab, making it easier to identify the exact page you want to return to.

🔜Coming Soon

Process Efficiency

  1. We have a big release coming soon! Get ready for our new simulation engine that will take into consideration trends, the queues generated in each activity, and the real work schedule of your workers to provide you with more accurate and realistic scenarios. This will help you visualize potential improvements and savings in your processes.
  2. We’re also working on an automatic heatmap of your capability map based on the efficiency of your processes. This will make it easier for you to identify which areas of your company are excelling and which ones need more attention.

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