From Process Map to Process App 

From Process Map to Process App 

Published By : Geoffrey Hamm April 19, 2023
Geoffrey Hamm

Author: Geoffrey Hamm, Senior Automation Advisor

We’ve all been there. Locked in a conference room with a stack of easter-colored sticky notes staring into the abyss of a blank white board. Catering is on its way: Valentino’s, the second best pizza in the city. We need something to show for this.

Fast forward to 5PM, we have successfully peppered our white board with a barrage of sticky notes (the spirit of Easter is among us). We throw our arms in the air ready to rest our laurels on the conversations we’ve had and the work that’s been done. Before retiring for the evening, someone pulls out a phone and snaps a picture of our latest art installment – a backup in case the janitor comes through after-hours and removes every last trace of our efforts.

Conversations have been had. Processes have been discovered. What next? Often, nothing at all.

SO…Whats Next?

It must be obvious that this isn’t the best way to conduct this exercise, and taking no action is the worst possible outcome. All the healthy back-and-forth that uncovered inefficiencies, problems, even disconnects, will be forgotten in time… much less acted upon.

Our new video illustrates how using a tool like IBM Blueworks Live with IBM Business Automation Workflow not only helps us map better, but also serves as a launchpad for actionable Automation through the construct of “managed processes”….

Turn your Process Maps into Process Apps!

How do we take the information we gather through the process mapping exercise and take action? In this example, we have an HR process mapped in IBM Blueworks Live.

This map illustrates the way the process should work… on paper. By automating it, we can enforce the process exactly.

First, the swimlanes become the people or teams. The participants will be alerted when they have outstanding work items to complete. Once their items are completed, they can work on other things until they’re needed again.

By turning these process maps into process apps, we introduce the concept of a managed process. Most processes are not managed, so the participants have to manage them manually. By leaning into a managed process and building trust amongst the participants, work can go from this

to this!

Management is also concerned with outcomes and their timely delivery. Managers are only involved when a problem arises that actually requires human intervention. The process solution is smart enough to give the insights needed to take remediating actions. If it’s humming, managers can watch from afar, confident that everything is running smoothly.

What was once just a process map is now a fully functional and trusted process application – designed for the business by the business, delivering peace of mind to both the workers and management.

What was once a barrage of easter-colored sticky notes is now a managed process, charged like the Energizer Bunny.

Why Salient

Process mining and process mapping are integral tools for companies. You might need process mapping or mining to transform existing structures. Don’t stop at process mapping! Automating workflows and eliminating bottlenecks can streamline operations, increase efficiency, and drive business growth.

If you’re ready to employ one of these solutions, choose Business Automation Workflow.

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