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Workflow automation focuses on process orchestration and using a process driven approach to designing your work. Using IBM Business Automation Workflow, we take the work from our Discovery services and turn your processes into effective and efficient flows of your work. Workflow can incorporate any of the Hyperautomation tools such a Tasks, Decisions, Capture and Content.

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Workflow Automation Services

The workflow automation tools and services from Salient Process will help you document and shift your routine, repetitious workflows to business process management (BPM) software. Automation frees your team to pursue more ambitious goals.

Advantages of Business Automation Workflow

Workflow management software not only integrates with your process mapping platform, it’s also low/no code. This means that the bar is as low as it’s ever been to get started managing your workflows today. Workflow delivers:

  • Dashboard status of work items, who’s got them, and how long they’ve been idle.

  • Dynamically re-assign work if a task has been sitting with an out-of-office worker.

  • Pre-programmed alerts, escalations and exceptions take the headache out of management.

  • Work does not leave the workflow – status is highly visible.

  • No second guessing as to-do’s are prioritized for you by the system.

  • No reporting since the workflow tool tracks and reports for you.

  • Minimize wait time since the workflow system facilitates and orchestrates the progression of tasks and processes for you.

  • Low/No-code allows for rapid development and experimentation.

  • SaaS allows for minimal time spent on upkeep

  • A robust community, set of resources, accelerators and ecosystems of support.

Workflow Software for Automating Your Processes

Workflow management automation tools can handle nearly any type of business process. Any department within your business, regardless of your industry or sub-industry can benefit from workflow management:

Workflow management tools minimize response times so your customers spend less time waiting


Orchestrate and better manage your routine workflows like end of month closing, various review and approvals like AP, AR and Purchasing


On/off boarding, support center FAQ resolution, benefits change, time sheets, vacation approvals


Integrate with your CRM to better facilitate quote to cash, proposal approvals, pricing, booking and revenue operations


Automation can log all the information and data associated with a project to promote communication and efficiency



Workflow management software tracks your operational processes, automates the logistics and provides an overhead view of your operational statuses.


Our Automation Compass features an AI-powered Automation Alignment Matrix module to help close the gap between your current state and a more efficient future state.

  • Dynamic Case: Use Dynamic Case as your Workflow model for unstructured work.
  • Sequential Workflow Management: For structured and predictable work, use Sequential BPM as your Workflow model.
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By having a global standard process, with standard reports, we’re literally reducing decisions and reports for the whole company by thousands… This all adds up to saved dollars. It is a huge savings

Fortune 20 Warehouse Retailer Director, Non-food Quality Assurance

Best system that our IT department has built in 15 years

Fortune 100 Warehouse Retailer Assistant General Manager

Why Partner With Salient Process for Workflow Automation Tools?

Salient Process is a leading expert in Workflow Automation tools. We created the IBM BAW/BPM UI and are an IBM Premier Partner. We have many years of experience with workflow and process automation and use our passion to improve your company’s efficiency and growth. Whether you want to automate a standalone project or much of your business, our team can help.


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Salient Process uses unique yet proven methods for automating your business. We can automate specific workflows or take a Hyperautomation approach. Our workflow automation tools will help your organization reach its goals quicker while increasing ROI. Find your automation fit by requesting more information today.