Process Discovery

Easily uncover what to automate next and why

If a process model could talk, what would it say? Combining Process Mapping with Process Mining and AI-powered analysis, your process model should tell you exactly what to automate next, and why!

What is

Process Discovery?

Process Discovery is conducted by using unique Process Mapping and Process Mining tools that allow your company to identify, understand and document how every business process in an organization is accomplished.

With Process Discovery, businesses can fully understand their processes, uncover the process steps that they are not aware of and realize process deviations. These insights can help you align your processes to your organization’s goals, identify bottlenecks and decide the best areas for process improvement

What is Process Mapping & Mining?

Process Mapping: Process maps are visual representations of how work gets done within the four walls of your team, department, and/or company. It breaks down a process and defines a clear, detailed path depicting the people and steps involved in each business process to ultimately define how effective the process is.

If done properly, this will serve as the data-backed launch pad for your Hyperautomation journey because it rapidly communicates Current State, Future State and tells you what to automate next and why.

Learn more about Process Mining vs Process Mapping!

“Process mining is a technique designed to discover, monitor and improve real processes (i.e., not assumed processes) by extracting readily available knowledge from the event logs of information systems.”


A Deeper Look at Process Mapping

Automating workflows and eliminating bottlenecks can streamline operations, increase efficiency, and drive business growth. We take the information we gather through the business process mapping exercise to develop an automation action plan. Interested in learning more? Check out our business Process Mapping video to see an HR process mapped in IBM Blueworks Live.

Our Process Modeling Offerings

Jumpstart your journey with Salient’s Process Mapping & Analysis Sprint. Not only will we help you map any and all of your processes, but we’ll help you establish your prioritization criteria too. You’ll come out of this sprint with fully mapped and modeled current state processes, AI-powered automation opportunities identified, simulated data for future state processes, and a prioritized Automation Opportunity Pipeline. 

Looking for more self-service? Let our expert process analysts train your process improvement team up on the easiest to use and most powerful Process Mapping platform around: IBM Blueworks Live. From an hour to a week, we offer both pre-packaged and custom training sessions tailored to exactly what you need to learn how to create a process map. Most teams do just fine with a 4-hour (half day) training session. 

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Upload your process maps into the AI-powered Automation Compass to discover potential areas for automations, quantify the value of doing so with side-by-side simulations, and prioritize the results in your Automation Opportunity Pipeline – all in one place!

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Blueworks Insights allows users of Blueworks Live to gain new capabilities and insights automatically. From activity monitoring dashboards and advanced user management to Metro Map visualization, Process Scoreboards and GRC Documentation and more, Insights allows users to engage with Blueworks Live like never before. 


why choose

Salient Process?

Salient Process has either mapped or helped map tens of thousands of processes since we’ve been in business. This pedigree in Process Mapping, Mining and analysis is available to you through partnership. Augment your team with Salient and let us help you map, mine and analyze your processes.  

In addition to experience, we also have accelerators (plug ins/add ons/products)! Our clients benefit from The Automation Compass that makes opportunity identification a breeze with IBM Watson, and scenario simulation just as easy with an intuitive, easily configurable scenario simulator. Finally, manage your Automation Opportunity Pipeline all inside the same pane of glass. 

A process partner with the right pedigree, passion and platform makes for the smooth and successful progress along your Hyperautomation journey.

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Salient Process uses unique yet proven methods for mapping business processes. Business process modeling will help your organization implement end-to-end process steps to reach its goals quicker while increasing ROI. Find your automation fit by requesting more information today.