The Opportunity Tracking Entry Point

The Opportunity Tracking Entry Point

Published By : Cydney McCollum April 12, 2023

Through conducting extensive client interviews, the Automation Compass team has come to understand that businesses can fall into one of three categories when it comes to their level of process improvement. To better serve our clients, we have created the Operational Excellence (OPEX) Lab, which offers three entry points that align with these categories; Business Architecture, Process Analysis, and Opportunity Tracking.

Depending on their needs and goals, clients can choose the entry point that is best suited for their business. Each entry point comes with its own set of options, tailored to meet the unique needs of the client. Ultimately, the lab enables us to understand where clients are in their process journey, and to offer them the most appropriate tools and guidance to advance their automation initiatives. Click to learn about the Business Architecture and Process Analysis Entry Points.

To further understand each entry point, we have put together three seperate blogs that highlight each entry point, how to get started using Automation Compass, and how companies can get started to participate in the Operational Excellence Lab.

Let’s dive in to learning about Opportunity Tracking.

What is Opportunity Tracking?

Opportunity tracking refers to the process of identifying, analyzing, and managing potential business opportunities in order to maximize revenue and profitability. Companies use opportunity tracking to ensure that they are able to capitalize on every potential opportunity for improvement.

Opportunity tracking is an important tool for companies looking to optimize their processes and maximize their revenue and profitability. By using this approach, they can identify and capitalize on potential opportunities, while also improving their overall efficiency and productivity.

**Please note that in the following description, we will use the term “Business Transformation Team” to refer to the internal team within your company that is practicing the methodology. However, the actual name of the team may differ from one company to another. 

The Opportunity Tracking Entry Point

The Opportunity Tracking Entry Point is for companies with many improvement ideas and ongoing projects that require prioritization and tracking. The teams are looking to identify improvement opportunities across the organization and/or have automation and are looking to expand its use across the organization.

Businesses with multiple ongoing projects can use Automation Compass to streamline the management of the opportunity lifecycle and generate necessary reports for easy tracking. The Business Transformation Team can prioritize opportunities efficiently and effectively by utilizing different criteria, such as impact, effort, and ROI. Automation Compass can help manage the opportunity lifecycle and track all relevant data, providing specific types of reports and additional information necessary for implementing improvements. When prioritizing opportunities that are still in the idea stage, different criteria can be used, such as impact, effort, and ROI. 

For Opportunity Tracking Driven companies, there are several starting points in Automation Compass depending on your company’s maturity. 

Get Started in Automation Compass

**If your company does not already have an Automation Compass account, navigate to our Automation Compass website to follow along with steps or you can request a demo here.

Capabilities of Automation Compass

  • Streamline the management of the opportunity lifecycle and generate necessary reports for easy tracking. You can import all opportunities from an Excel file along with relevant information into Automation Compass. From there, you can prioritize automation opportunities based on different criteria such as impact, complexity, cost, time, quality, or strategic alignment. 
  • Capture all new ideas inside the platform and have visibility of all of them in Automation Compass. 
  • Track the progress of opportunities that are already deployed to measure planned versus actual benefit.  
  • Prioritize the next opportunity to be implemented and keep track of all ongoing projects in the organization. 

Video Tutorial

If you would like to see the starting points in action, please watch our video tutorial here.

How the Entry Points Work Together

While each entry point has its unique focus, the categories are not exclusive to one another. In fact, companies may find themselves leveraging two of these entry points at the same time.

Opportunity Tracking + Business Architecture

From Business Architecture to Opportunity Tracking

If you are using a business architecture approach to drive process improvements, consider integrating opportunity tracking into your methodology. One effective way to do this is to track the opportunities generated during your analysis in the company’s capability map. By doing so, you can identify which capabilities require further improvement efforts and which ones already have improvement ideas in place.

From Opportunity Tracking to Business Architecture

On the other hand, when prioritizing opportunities, you may want to consider prioritizing those that are linked to the capability map and are aligned with the company’s goals. This approach allows you to focus less on areas that are already excelling and more on those that can help improve capabilities that are underperforming.

Opportunity Tracking + Process Analysis

From Process Analysis to Opportunity Tracking

The first option is to begin with the processes themselves and generate opportunities for improvement as required. This approach enables you to keep all your ideas organized in one place and analyze the potential impact of each idea while simultaneously monitoring ongoing implementations.

From Opportunity Tracking to Process Analysis

The second option is to begin with the ideas themselves and employ them as a starting point for identifying processes that require improvement or documentation. This approach can assist you in determining whether an improvement aligns with your team’s strategic objectives and identifying processes that require more attention.

What to Expect in the OPEX Lab

Reminder, these steps are what you can expect to see depending on your entry point and your level of process improvement maturity.

The Automation Compass Team will…

  • Collect any Business Artifacts, such as Process Framework / Customer Journey Maps / Value Chains / Value Streams / Business Architecture from your company
  • Create a customized process improvement project based on your company’s level of process improvement maturity. 
  • Review, refine, and develop your processes based on your business needs. 
  • Analyze the artifacts to identify areas for process improvement. 
  • Creation of as-is and to-be process documentation delivered via Blueworks Live maps and imported into Automation Compass 
  • Prioritization of improvement opportunities in Automation Compass. 
  • Creation of a Business Case for the opportunities based on your business goals. 
  • Training from Expert Process Analysts on the tools the lab provides throughout the duration of the project 

Lab Resources

By participating in the Operational Excellence lab, companies can access a wide range of resources that will help accelerate their process transformation journey and achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. The Lab resources include:

  • Automation Compass Tool
  • Training on the Automation Compass Tool
  • Training on IBM Blueworks Live
  • Work side by side with an Expert Process Analyst who can help you start your journey.
  • Access and Training on Blueworks Insights

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