Enabling Higher Level Thinking

Enabling Higher Level Thinking

Published By : salientprocess, Eric Ducos November 23, 2015

Enabling Higher Level Thinking


Author: Eric Duos, CTO


If we as humans had to focus most of our attention on consciously running vital functions (breathing, digesting, metabolizing, etc.) we would have little time to achieve anything meaningful, despite an incredible intelligence potential.

To a great extent, we are enabled to exercise higher-level reasoning (and make something meaningful out of our existence) precisely because those key vital processes are on auto-pilot and only surface to us in exceptional circumstances.


Our Salient mindset and paradigm inspire us to consider complex organizations like people in that sense. Those organizations have vital systems and processes, but they are only able to achieve their high-level objectives and become what they mean to become because they have been freed, to a sufficient extent, to exercise higher and intelligent reasoning.

One might argue that such enablement already and pervasively exists in organizations through countless automating methods and technologies, but most business executives and managers would agree that automating and enabling are far from synonymous.

The disciplines of Process and Decision Management (within a validating framework/methodology) are uniquely suited to meaningfully enable organizations because they drive the practitioner to provide purpose-connected automation (sometimes using that word loosely) and visibility for exceptional situations. And obviously, when core processes are sufficiently seamless, the tools and methods of BPM and ODM should also be used to further enhance organizational higher-level reasoning itself!

And in the context of innovation, which is one of my core responsibilities at Salient, this idea is also a key driver for our ongoing R&D efforts to make humans and businesses as conversational with these technologies as possible, hence our uniquely intuitive and “ergonomic” toolkits and methodology. The more conversational we are with them, the more effective and efficient we hopefully are at leveraging their power.

We view our primary purpose at Salient as enablers of organizations is to exercise higher-level and intelligent thinking so that they can achieve what they mean to achieve and become what they mean to become. It profoundly affects the way we consider and approach problems. And ultimately, it transcends the idea of just engineering BPM/ODM solutions, or even just creating enterprise programs. It essentially turns what we do into a deliberate intelligence-enabling activity from beginning to end.




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